Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ordering fractions

Today we ordered fractions in our maths book than we took a photo of it! It was so hard that I got stuck on it. Hope you like it.

Book review

Today we did a video for our book review! I did not know how to put the video on my blog so I got some help! Hope you like it thanks for watching it!


Okay this my real instrument study because I forgot to do a video, Silly me! Hope you like it because I am gonna delete other one.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Adding Money!

Today we learned how to add money! It was really fun hope you like it!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Labelling fractions

Today we did factions! We learned to label them,colour,name it and draw it! It was so tiring but I did it. Hope you like it bye!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


This is my maths assignment, We need fractions!  By the way the two last ones were hard. Hope you like our work I made with my friend!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Choose it Narrative

In a while there were 4 people. Their names were Ryder,Jake,Tess and Ash. They were in adventure! But they got trapped from a bush but luckily they got some scissors to cut it. They also cut some wood because they are gonna stay there, They made a campfire and slept to get some rest. The next day they found something that forbidden. It is like a plane from a Series, The series is “The Walking dead”. It was so mossy and it like so many vine over it. And there was a sewer like from the Movie it. The servers was spitting out water. They found something so rusty in front of it. It is a car, They thought they could use it because they found the keys and just left it there. They thought that the person to drove it tried to help it get back. They also had butterflies in their stomach. They got so scared that they just slept until 5:00. They woke up because the Grouchy grizzly bears rumbling their stomach to eat them, They tried to find it and kill it so they can eat but luckily there were ducks in the pond they killed it  they stabbed it so hard, They cooked it at the camp fire so they can eat. They just realized they had marshmallows in their bag. They were disappointed because they just killed the duck. So they just ate both but they roasted the marshmallows so they can eat a lot of food to survive luckily they saved 4 marshmallows.  

They opened the door and mostly all of them expect 1 got scared. They found some secret things. Knives,food,guns, Suitcases, a bed and lastly axes. They got so afraid that they went outside and breathed for a while. They went back in and found spider web, They all accidentally touch it and got slimy and sticky so they could not get it out of there hands. They found a metal of rugby. They grabbed it and think they could find the original person who earned it. They were so confused too. They went out too throw the bad things away they threw it long like a javelin and found some bloody wipes. They were so surprised. But they found some other boats but they were too afraid to go there. But they got the knife and gun just in case to keep them safe and the Killer might come. They kept in their bags with the marshmallows and there extra knifes in there bag.  The next day they saw creepy shadows in the plane saying creepy words like. SHADOWS DON’T SLEEP. They were so afraid when they red that. The shadow were moving too the next word and the word was DO NOT GO IN OR YOU WILL BE TRAPPED THERE FOREVER.
Then some blood drop from the hole. But when they red that too they did not go in there because they thought it was true before they got in there because it was flashing lights.

Then they went down the Slimy water and checked at the sewers and found a 4 tickets to America the best country ever! So they grabbed it but they didn’t went there because they still wanted to solve these mysteries was it a killer?  They were also confused. They were so scared because it was night so they went back to there place where they slept. They slept and had nightmares of dying and seeing ghosts. They suddenly woke up. They heard was cracking noise inside the plane but they just waited and see what was the killer, He went out and they looked at it and said “A CHEF?!?!” they thought he was the killer of all times he had blood on his hands. SO they went out and said “STOP RIGHT THERE CHEF, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL FOR KILLING” THe chef was confused They said “huh?” They said “WHY DO YOU HAVE BLOODY HANDS >:|” The Chef said “ IT’S PORK I NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE YOU KNOW, NO ONE WOULD HELP ME GET THIS PLANE OUT. They said “Ohhhhh, but geez you don't have to shout, We will get some people to help. They got some people and the plane went back to the Airport and they cleaned it and the chef was taking away the stuff he had and went back to his home. Next they’re gonna do a new adventure next year because they are going to America the best country ever and go to hawaii :)


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Year 4 maths skills

This is our maths skills for our reports on how we do, I worked very hard on this so hope you like it.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Instrument study

This is my Reading instrument assignment, I work very hard on this so hope you like it.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Mihi

Hi guys today we did our mihi! But in our group members. And when you watch this please use headphones or put your ear close to your computer/phone/iPad because you wont be able to hear me saying it. Anyways if you don't know mihi's. They're are Maori words about you and enjoy!

Monday, 30 October 2017

What's the time Mr Wolf?

Today we went outside and got our shoes or took of our socks. We went to line up and went to the wet soggy grass. When we went there we all went behind the white line. The teachers kept on telling us instructions how to play even though they already said it. Finally we played so one person in our class has to say What’s the time Mr wolf? And the wolf has to say the time. When we just started I barely moved, I was like wow. Finally I moved like a lot then I went out but People who went out cheated a lot then would not even go to the back. But after that I was like stunned in the grass. But I went after that anyways  I was so focused and my mouth was open so I had to freeze my mouth and tongue like I hope they won’t see it because I am really small. I was so itchy one time that I came out. Then finally he said dinner time! SO we all ran back to the line and Mr Moran and Miss Moala told us to line up but opposite Girls go with Mr Moran and boys go with Miss Moala. In the end we put off shoes off and got our Chromebooks.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Race day!

First Some of us took our  socks off and shoes on. People were excited but not me, I had Butterflies in my stomach Because I was not feeling too well in the start. When we got there we went past room 15 and sat down. 1 one line of the boys at the back and 1 line of the girls at the front. Than our teachers told us what to do. They were telling like a tutorial what's gonna happen and the instructions of course no cheating we all know that right? They said whoever gets to Miss Moala gets to go to the Semi-final. Like that is not me. But he said when to snaps the wood I don’t know what that is the thing we have to go. I was being patient but not that beautiful and sitting down on the concrete because it was so cold and hard as metal. I was sitting down with my butt not on the concrete and folding my legs because they were cold even though I was wearing pants. It was so cold that all the breezing wind came too me. Like not it is so not fair, Anyways they were done chatting then we moved to the running!

They were done talking Then the Girls went first because boy has to be gentleman, I was thinking who might of came first like all the girls are fast. They were sprinting like flash and it was like a wolf from 3 little pigs blowing them off to the end like they were so fast. Like I was so impressed that they are better than just because I don’t run and train. All the boys were thinking who was gonna win and we were saying woah, It was embarrassing ;-;. Then the girls were finished running it was so cool! That was the most fun I had watching tv even though it not a tv I just said that because I hate watching tv shows.The next row went to run of “girls”, They were looked  fast! Like they were like so ready and they  were focused on watching them like really they ran fast as a flash and went to the end while that there was people talking next to me so I just ignored it and focused on watching. Then they were done like in my mind I was like “wow nice!” . They were fast!

Next it was the boys went but it was like the opposite way around so I had to go vs all the fast boys like really, I have no idea what I came but I did not win and they were too fast. But I tried my best and my feet felt like watermelon juice that it was so cold,also my feet were like playing cold potato. But it did not smell that good. When I was running I was like putting my hands on my back I don’t know why like really and when we started he told us what to do when he does the thing  we go and when he did it to just show us we actually went and I was like “what!”. Anyway it was not the real one and then some people went to early so we restarted and he said ready set GO! And we all went at the same time. I saw a person who was all the way in the front of us like really then I lost and walked back but I was happy because I did not wanna run there anyway. Next it was the next row I was thinking who was gonna win like I think it is I don’t know and I was like so bad at running compared to them. I was watching and 2 people was at the back and they were a tie then he ran faster and beat him, Well who cares it’s it is just a game and they were speeding through us. Then they were done.

Than finally the finale all the people to went top 4 went there and I was so satisfied about it went to the race track but first girls again they were fast. It was so cool that they were so fast.  Then it was the boys they got the serious face on and looking mad to win the race they were so focused that I was saying in the mind why are they so focused? Then they went like really fast and like wow it like they are the most fastest people on earth. They were done on the track. Then something crazy happened Mr Moran is gonna join in and said we have to do a wheelbarrow thing like I was focused on watching and Mr Moran does not count plus it started and Miss Moala went closer and Mr Moran was so fast at that like wow but they were so impressive on doing that it is not easy for me because I can't even do a bridge Then they were done.

When they were done We sat on the concrete and waited for a while then standed up and walked beautifully through the classes. Then we took of our shoes on just left our feet wear nothing and sat on the mat. We waited and did our work silently and went on the tables.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Add don't subtract

Today I did my questions. It was so hard that I just guessed. Hope you like it plus we are learning add don't subtract and - . Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


My book is Captain underpants my Favourite comic. Hope you like this then the Pokemon one BYE! Also I will be doing the next one with the characters on the bottom instead of the book so enjoy!

Remember that in the other book I have not red yet they went to jail! Well something worst happened. Once upon a time there was a 2 kids named George and Harold, " THE BOMBS!"We have a mean principle called Mr.Krupp he always say blah blah blah like really. So Harold and George hypnotised him to Captain underpants he got kidnapped by robots and George and Harold saved him. Then he kidnapped my "MONSTER"toilets and then They saved him again. Then finally he got kidnapped by Zombies but he saved George and Harold again. But this is the worst if you snap your fingers to Mr.Krupp he is gonna turn to Captain Under Pants. But if you pour water on him he will turn back to Mr.Krupp!

Anyways that it for the book for today. I will be doing another one at next Tuesday. And I wounder whats gonna happen next. I think they might go to detention and turn him back and they will have to save him? Well Maybe hope you enjoyed comment for extra detail and BYE!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Start writing here: Once on A sunny day I had butterflies in my stomach at school because I was so scared I did not wanna go to school. After we waited for some minutes We finally went to the Hall for like a new theme.When we came in Beautifully I just realised that We were the first one! Until all the people came.Mr J was wearing funny outfits,also the other ones were really colourful. Fake workout and fake abs plus I hate abs it looks disgusting anyways the associate principal and the the real Principle made a song. It was like all about school.  After a while he talked and let team 1 go. Team 1 is all about what feelings to get when music comes like this dun dun dun, That was meant to be scary but it is not scary anyway there was happy,dramatic,crazy,sleepy and other songs. All of that watching was dramatic that it was actually good. During a while TEAM 2 came! I hope they are gonna throw lollies like they did last time because I was too small to catch some chocolate coins. But they just made a tiring song. IN THE JUNGLE THE MIGHTY JUNGLE THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT, That song. It was one by one guitar,like a  thing that had beans inside then you shake it, also a kid music thing and drums like bum bum. Then 3 2 1 it got faster faster and faster. Then slow and all of them came out at the same time they came in. WOOHOO we all clapped.

Soon the best team came TEAM 3! Our teachers were so funny like WOAH. Well we are not doing our own songs at least there video is fun like they did everything so dramatic and creative. They put songs when they're speaking like what are you gonna do in the holidays? I’m gonna swing in a chandelier, sorry I forgot the lyrics plus to spell.  CONTINUE ABOUT THE VIDEO. Like well we just walked to work 20 minutes ago. It ain't about work work work work. STOP COPYING I JUST SAID THAT. Why gotta be so rude. Next than we was one of the funny ones like song in the car and dancing. Also driving, Like really. I the end it was REALLY FUNNY Mr J was in the car listening to like rock music. I was so desperate because that's like me in a car like really.

Then finally team 5! Team 5 was like movie genres about lion king like family movie and they actually got popcorn SO LUCKY. But the coach was so dirty! And they watched lion king like I GOT THE EYES OF THE TIGER. And scary ones that I thought a scary clown was gonna come because I’m really scared of clown because I hate them they are so creepy anyways. They ate real popcorn and got feelings and they are gonna make there own song too like NO they’re so lucky. It was just the same clip all over again. Anyways it was done we all clapped and Mr.Burt said we're gonna sing this song soon so keep practicing it. Then we waited for the year 1,2, and 3 to go out and we can go out beautifully but it was fail we all went all over the place.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Today I did maths. I was not feeling well today so I was not that smart anyway I got from a classmate by the way, Mr Moran did not make it was Miss king what a surprise anyway hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Suzie and the Space nuts ( The end )

This is the end of this series Have fun in the holiday guys BYE BYE!

Guardian of the Galaxy

Today I did my Animation.I finally did it it took forever like years. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Maths Multiplication

This is my Maths Multiplication, 1-10 and I am glad I got it all right hope you guys like it c: .

Suzie and the space nuts.

Today i did my reading it is episode 2. hope you like it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

8-bit art

This is my 8-bit  art. Hoped you liked it because I worked hard on it,enjoy!

Suzie and the Space nuts!

Today I did the Suzie and the space nuts it is a cool assignment because we get to decorate everything and it was fun because if you the pictures like the rainbow flower that's my drawing. I worked so hard on it and thank you for seeing this and HAPPY HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK! See ya.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

My Own Maths Question

Today I created my Own Maths question for my teacher and test if he is really smart at Maths. Mr Moran was not here so it was Mr Goodwin and he told us to this. Hope you like it plus find four words,Also when you find them say if you agree. Enjoy bye bye!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hey guys today I am doing another POKEMON summary, Just like two or three chapters left but I will not be doing the twelve to thirteen because there is only one more week of school so this is the 2nd to last one, ENJOY.

My name is Gary and I say i'm the best trainer of all people but I think not. Back at the auditorium, Misty and Brock watched Gary's act. It was so lame. Wheres ash and Pikachu. The show started fifteen minuets ago. This is to important to ash. Ash wants to  beat Gary badly. Gary stood good.  He had so many good Pokemon dancing like wow. When the song ended it got ruff as. NOW THE FINAL ONE GET IN THERE. With the powerful one shove,Mr.Sullivan pushed Brock,Misty and their Pokemon. The people burst. But then they figure it out to be SO AMAZING. Thank goodness that is over! Then they danced and sang to other stuff. By the way ash got trap but then in a few minuets the cords fell so they escaped. And it was from team rocket. WE HAVE TO STOP TEAM ROCKET.

Bye guys hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

What "If" My Planet

On Monday we coloured our own planets with colour pencils,pastels and other stuff, I decided to do an unhealthy world called Candy land, all sweets yum but really for your teeth. Candy world has gingerbread people so they can be like a magician and you can eat them something like that. I made candyland because I love sweets so it can describe more about me. And the whole planet is pink for cotton candy. But if you eat the whole world you will be toothless and I don't think anyone will like you anymore. The pools are made of chocolate like white chocolate any chocolate. And there's macrons those like sandwiches thing. There is also jelly trees but I don’t wanna draw it. And they have ice cream so it counts as rainbow ice cream because it is my favourite plus it is colorful. There is also japanese dessert called mochi and I tasted it before. It has Candy Animals like Catfish,Alpacas,Seals those rare Animals. These Animals are really cool because they are really good to eat because they are really sweet. It is like really cold so it is better. My Planet has so many animals like the country Australia. The cool part is that the candy is alive like magic “hahaha”. And if you eat the land it grows back like regenerate their health potion. Hope you like  my Planet and I also hope it is real.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Become a Martain

This is my team. We put a lot of shapes thing and it looks pretty good. There is another team that has a good one to. And we worked hard on it so hope you enjoy plus after the book we had no idea what to do but now we do! And this is the best team because arguing and fighting,also BYE!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Magic Numbers

Today me and my Math class did this Magic Number Activity. I worked hard on it and I was proud that I Got it right. Thank you for the support for Maths!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Hi guys, The series is back today on Tuesday woo! So today I'm doing this thing again witch I did on my Geronimo Stilton. It is writing then answering what gonna happen next, enjoy and ha e fun reading this.

Mr. Sullivan, The show's manager  stood between Ash and Gary. "This competition is not about battling he said. You should be a shamed of your self Ash and Gary. Ash was so mad that he stopped it because he almost won, so he really got frustrated. Why does this guy have to interfere. But he knew Mr was right. Misty recalled Psyduck, Psyduck return! The pokemon vanished like a flash of light. Gary started battling again but Ash said we'll finish it later. Then team rocket came AGAIN. They used Pikachu but they have Electric-proof things. But they got trapped. But they turned on a radio so no one can hear him. Well they gotta go to the show. And they went off.

I wounder how the show gonna be, because those trainers are weak also they are really into Pikachu. I do not know why. But it is like stalking Pikachu. Bye guys have a good day!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Solar System

Hi guys I am doing this Solar system thing, enjoy.


Hi guys. This is my reading for today, I hope you guys like it. I worked very hard on it. And it is all about Pluto. And I agree that Pluto should be a planet instead of a star/dwarfs planet. Pluto is my favourite planet and I hope it is your one too.

Cross Country!

As I stood at the starting line, waiting for Mr. Burt to yell “Go,”  I felt as if I was gonna poop in my shorts because when we run I might just poop and then I'll be embarrass. But luckily I didn’t “PHEW”, but i was like the last one but at least it is not all about being last it is all about not walking. By the way i was Jogging because I don’t wanna fail my task.. It was really hard so I stop in that wet flood in the farm.,It was sticky like slime. Then when I had rest of 10 secs I sprinted all the way and jog. I got so tired that I needed to pee, So I just hold it in and ran before I pee in my pants. Then I reach the last gate. So I ran really hard then I went past the year 4-8 park so I ran really hard, Then A classmate beat me in about a inch and I was way behind him. But when I was there I was like thinking in my head * RUN SIMON RUN!* But I drank a cup of water and sat down. I wonder who came first. Because I know it is not me… like wow.

Monday, 4 September 2017

My Rocket

Today I created a Rocket. My Rocket actually looks like a robot in a birthday party. The booster are the legs and the T-shirt is the teddy makes my rocket not scared.When you switch a lever the rocket will have electricity so it will light up and we can see inside what we are doing if it’s too dark and there is no windows.

Okay today I’m gonna talk about the boarding and takeoff and how get in the rocket that means the boarding. To get in the rocket press a  button then stairs will come out, then when I go through the door that opens automatically the stairs is not there anymore and there is some rock climbing to get in because there is a code for this to say the code you have to be embarrassed and talk to it. Also there is a take off for like 10 seconds. To make it start I have to like hack it, You have to press the right buttons to make sure  there's no stealing the rocket. Basically it is like Simon says the toy because it is like memory game or just a code. It depends on right one you choose. Also there is a button that brings me the Astronaut suit and it looks like a white snowball. When  you do it, it  will say Sit down on your chair and put your seat belts on. Be safe then it says 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, BLAST OFF! Then you could see the marvellous beautiful stars. Then we came out of Earth and see it rotating.

Remember I went to space so yeah, I decided to go Saturn and see what the ring is made out off. But it will take years to go there but my rocket is really special it can shoot jelly instead fire from the boosters. So it only took one day, plus I got a lot of jelly. I saw the bright stars and the ring is actually made out of rocks! I saw loads of planets that we went by we saw the so many plants because there is a screen to see planets.. Also I saw the sun and I saw Alpha Centauri the closest star to the sun! Super exciting to learn that the ring is made out of rocks. But it was so cold, more like freezing cold it gave me the shivers. Oh yeah in space everything floats also my water when I was trying to drink some. And my sleeping bag was floating. But then I had to go home.

Simon's Rocket

Screenshot 2017-08-28 at 09.29.07.png

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Hi guys today I am doing another chapter enjoy! :D

Oh no this chapter is Ash vs Gary. Brock could not hear Ash because he was circled by girls. Misty saw the danger to. She ran to Brock. Togepi said Togi Togi. Ash threw Pidgeout out, He created a wing gust. The light loose, "NOOOOOOOOO" Ash yelled horified. Togepi danced. Misty was behind Brock trying to push him. The light Crashed. Brock and Misty was standing. Ash scanned the hall. Brock and Misty reappeared  Misty Grab Togepi. I'm sure Togepi save the us from the light. Ash remember a powerful power had transported us to Orange island.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The frog

One day a slimy green frog was going to go look for some food .He saw a  small cricket floating on a leaf and his big wide eyes were starting to water because he was so happy he saw dinner.He jumped up onto the tree and  he was hoping he would catch his food so he could have his dinner.When got of the ground he opened his mouth and his long slimy tongue came out and snathed the small cricket. It blends in to catch his prey and eat. The frog's tongue is so long.

Cool facts about a hot place

This is my reading assignment. It basically about the sun.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Silent reading.

Okay,I am continuing this book. So enjoy it and have fun.

In the next morning,Ash and his friends Misty and Brock headed to rehearsal hall. Inside,Pokemon Trainers sat quietly in folding chairs. Sally waved them over. Her Seel sat next to her. " Hey Ash" I found my Seel!. It came to me last night! That is great Ash said. Gary and His cheerleaders came. What are you doing here Ash? Whatever you are not gonna win. Gary said Wait you are not a performer aren't you? Gary said. I am! Me and my friend are performing. And you won't win believe your act. "That's right  Misty said. Then it started. Charmander and Pikachu sang along. "Char Char" "Pika Pika" and other pokemon. Then Brock saw a girl so blushed and took a minuet. Then he got fans so he blushed even more. All the people were  bored because brock was not singing. He wanted to do his very best like in his house doing chores. The people went wild they clapped there hands. "GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL"

Okay see you maybe next week for another Silent reading Bye!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Friday, 25 August 2017


Yesterday, all the Year 3s and Year 4s got on a bus to go to the Stardome. Then we finally got on the bus. Then we were just saying Go Go because people wanted a race so we got in front.Then we were singing a lot on the bus like a lot, We saw Mcdonald's,KFC and Pizza Hut. So we wanted to eat it. Then we finally reached there, It's called One tree hill for a reason. Then we got out so we sat on the grass then listen to the teacher, And we lost the race.

At the Stardome, we learned some really cool things about our solar system. First we went to the movie thing, We sat down and learned our solar system. Then we did a quiz, I think there is 7 questions so we answered them. Then we watched a movie at planetarium,also we tried to find a planet Jupiter.

When we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside. First we ate our lunch and we sometimes shared. For lunch I got 2 juice, a donut, and Chocolate filling Koala’s,also Pretzels. It took me forever to eat then I finally finished, we packed up and went to play. First I looked at the park,I saw train so I went a ride. Then I wanted to play at the flying fox I was too scared then started to wait so we go back.

After all this, we headed back to Point England School. Then we got our bags but I’m lucky that I did not get one we had to share bags. We went inside and someone gave me drink,so I drank it because I was burning inside the bus it was so hot! We sang a little,Also we saw a co-principal house, Miss Nua’s house. Then we went off and had a relaxing lunch.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Night Light

HI guys. This is a reading assignment that I was away in. So I started to do it.


This chapter is called save Pikachu enjoy.

Bulbasaur I CHOOSE YOU. Bulbasaur use your vine whip to get Pikachu! ash cried Bulba-saur The green plant came out from his back. It wrapped around Pikachu. Ash said "Way to go!" Now bring Pikachu to me. But he didn't obey it. It slowy did it. He lowed Pikachu to the ground. They both walkled to the flute music. Ash said "huh where are you guys going?" Pika. Pikachu jumped to Ash's arm. He started singing as loud as he could. Then a trainer went town with a Ponyta and rode it. He stop. They Look at and Smiled at him :). Team rocket was fuming. There is still horible singing.

That is it for today see you guys to next chapter.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Magic Numbers

We are learning to do magic numbers.

The Sun and the other inventions

This is my Reading assignment :).

The phases of the moon

The amount of the moon that you can see in from the earth depends how much of it is liter by the sun. This amount changes each day.The phases of the moon depend on its position. In relation to the sun and earth. As the moo  make it’s way around the earth,we can see the bright parts of the moon surface at different angles. These are called phases of the moon. It takes 29 days for the moon orbit the earth.

Friday, 18 August 2017


Today we are learning about time.


We are learning about Seasons and time.


Season’s are caused because of the Earth’s changing position with the sun.The Earth travels around the sun called an orbit once a year.As the Earth orbits the sun the amount of sunlight each place on the planet get’s everyday changes slightly.this change causes the seasons.We divide the year into four season’ Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter.Each season lasts three months.With Summer being the warmest season,Winter being the coldest and Spring and Autumn  lying in between.The season’s have a lot of impact on what happens on the Earth.  

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Pokemon 5

This is number 5.

 At the end for the day,Ash and his friends found a camp-site town. Gary is pretty annoying.He realeased Squirtle. Ash didn't look. From it's pokeball he help broke. Ash was hiding his sleeping bag when a melody filled air. Ash poked the sleeping at his head. It was Broke,singing a song! I need pokemon in the act to Broke said. I think I can together a act. What do you say broke? Ashed asked. We can all be in this competition together. Popped out. HORSEA MISTY SAID.  Misty will play The guitar. Broke will sing. Geodude can bang out the beat drums. Togepi can dance. And Horsea can play the chimes. Cool Ash said. He looked at his cymbals. They all did what they supposed to do. "Gotta catch em all,Pokemon! They did tehre job. Grabbing them both arms.

Pokemon 4

So today I am doing number 4.

"OH NO TEAM ROCKET" To steal rare Pokemon like Pika CHUUUU. Because Pikachu is really strong and Meowth could be back with the boss! Then they realease Seel the water Pokemon.THE BOSS IS A GENIUS. "Meowth is Flute-tastic" Meowth said Then Picture of a Jessie. "Don't be silly Jessie. There is no way.nThis plan can go wrong! "let just try it OKAY!" James toss the Pokeball at seel. Seel Butted the ball away "oh wow".  Seel slid across the floor. James Nervously. DO SOMETHING JAME CRIED. We were just testing out "LET IT GO" Jessie said.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Reading Summary

SO Hi guys it is me and this is part three and where I tell you the plan! Enjoy.

So Ash said That he got a lot of plans because he has Snorlax  and Lapras. Misty said but they can Sing and dance that's what it is all about here. Ash Frowned A Pokemon trainer threw a ball that has that three egg head pom-tree.  "Pika" Pikachu Smiled. Next he threw Pikachu. Ash cried as the electric go on his mind. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SEEL? Where is it? A boy poked at something so they went there. Persain was there to battle so they did. PERSAIN BITE. Ash cried like a baby and said "nooooooooooooooooooo" SQUIRTLE USE WATER GUN! Pikachu,Misty and Brock ran up.

That is all for today bye!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Netball is a sport that was played in the olden days, everyone enjoys playing this sport.  Playing this sport in the olden days it was not called netball it used to be called Women’s Basketball,also it was made in America but they changed it to almost like all the countries. Netball is for Males and females because it is fun. In 1890 it began in America. In 1895 is where the name changed. Children enjoy playing netball but I don’t play it but I think it is fun to play the sport and it won’t be that tiring. I think girls would be better because it used to be called Women’s basketball but it is just a game. Netball has no backboards now. It will be fun to train but intense while you are at a tournament. You have to focus on shooting because there is no backboards to hit it back.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017



This is Activity 1. It was not to hard .
Measure a small desk.
Measure your maths book.
2 half
29 half
Measure a chair.
Measure a large table.
11 half

This is the same thing.
Less than 20 centimetres
About 20 centimetres
More than 20 centimetres
Mr Moran’s pink maker
Is 13 cm
The mask
22 cm
The ribbon of the mask
    34 cm

17 cm
Lydia’s lunchbox
          21 cm
The speaker
30 cm
The Mouse from flatscreens


The Dettol wipes
          20 cm
The lego box
     25 cm
Miss Lia’s Hand
13 cm
The small kite straw
 19 cm
The poster of Uranus
21 cm

                             This one is Activity 2. It is glitch out.

My estimate
My measurement
Length of my index finger
Length of my right hand
Length of my right foot
Length of my left foot
Length of this page

This is me and my Partner working as a team.

Hi guys this is my Maths Assignment.We are learning about measurements and Cm/Centimetres. I put this in the end or else it will glitch but it's fine.