Thursday, 29 March 2018


This is my poster. I did it with Aaliyah. My friend! Hope you like it.

Reading Comprehension Task

I really tried to do this early but I did not have enough days to do it. SO I just lazy in the end and did a little. Thank you if you comment,

Reading Review

I finished reading a book called "Dinosaurs" The Main characters Are Jodie and Ben. The book was really interesting because there so many words I've never heard off. Like "Drenching. And the story was set like in the cave or like a Rocky Mountain. I don't know.
  • Did the first 2 chapters 'grip' you and make you want to keep reading
Well yes it did. Jodie and Ben had a big friendship moment. And It was my favourite part. It is saving each other like Soggy wet superheroes!

  • What do you think is going to happen next in the story?
I think there gonna find so many fossils of dinosaurs. And they will like make some new dinosaurs in the part 2. Or maybe they find bone of dinosaurs and find some more to make a dinosaur. like the shape. That is all for the review

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

LIme Green task

This is my maths assignment from a long time. Hope you like it.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Scanning task 1

Hello guys this what I did in my scanning task on 30 minuets. I am  gonna do another one tomorrow and it is gonna look  different thanks if you comment for helpful stuff. \

Friday, 16 March 2018

Camp Review!

Hi my Name is Simon on Wednesday I went to camp! I am in Tumeke too clean, The teacher was Miss Szymanik. In Camp my camp group went to youth town! Well not the real one, First off we changed into our togs because after the activities we were gonna do Slip ‘n slide! Well first off we went into groups, So for this first activity we needed to bounce a white ball inside a cup! And then we had 1 person in each team, They had to drink a whole bottle Coca Cola! A person in my class drank it so fast that he was like a Champion! And then we went to Slip ‘n slide! And then we finally had lunch I was starving! After lunch we did lots of other activities! Some of the favourite parts of people dancing in the item it was so cool! And I was really proud that I went top 5 or something and I came first and I was versing like the best dancers in the team 4! But my favourite group is Green machine! But My teachers team won and it is Pollution police! That is a cool name! And I loved a food in camp but mostly breakfast part. And in the item I can’t believe that Zoe’s mom danced! We also get to vote who is King,Queen,Most respectful,Best kayaker and funny or silly moments. But they have not told us yet! But the most challenging  activity is the obstacle course which is the Killer zone! It was really fun though. Also we had props for our item! Our song was footloose. And my most favourite park is watching CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS  and we were wearing our Pyjamas. And we came to school in mufti. We had lots of fun at the maungarei pools too! IT was so fun! And then we went back to school and grabbed our bags and went home. I want to thank all the helpers and teacher especially Miss Szymanik my team teacher and I want a big thank you too the amazing wonderful teachers! I love the food and I am so thankful for you making food! You made my day so Thank you so much!  C:

Here's the group who won the item! C: The Name Was pollution police! And It is not the full dance Sorry!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Drawing task

This is my drawing task. I don't know what I drew so I hope you like it! I just went random with this art! So hope you enjoy, Send a comment if you want me too do more detail!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Dictation writing

Today was meant to be the day of the picnic day. Sadly, it was raining today. Which meant we could not go.Miss West packed her hat,sunblock and towel. Hopefully we will go to the picnic later in the term and it is nice to go swimming and enjoy the sun at our very own beach!

On Friday we did a Dictation writing, It means get to partners and one looks at the TV and one just writes. The one who reads on the TV is supposed to describe it, So that is what we did. And our teacher is the one who made it up, It is Miss West.