Friday, 28 July 2017


Today i did my reading assignment. It is all about seasons. Hope you enjoy it.


As the pavilion walked in the satisfying hall that is a dark galaxy place whatever that is because it is so cool dark place. It was so satisfying when turn of the lights because it was like we were in the bright shining galaxy.  We were there to see the theme and videos.While we were there Mr S flew the drone also in my head I said “That could've been hard my gosh” I was so satisfying because the drone looked like a UFO and that stand for Unknown flying object, Then it flew then it like crashed to a shooting star then it fell all the way to a moon. Then two aliens came from left with lightsabers. Then the 2 soldiers came to fight against two tough aliens but let see if there tougher. Then they ran like a fast cheetah or a fast dolphin, The aliens attack but then one of them chopped there head off like a murderer then blood splattered and the brain came off. They were so happy that they won. Then Mr Burt came and started the video’s that the teachers made.

First one was Team 1 “woohoo” They Are learning about the sun,moon, and mars. Then we saw the video. They made a song then they went on there cars. When they moved it, It flew like a eagle. They saw stars, shooting stars,a moon and a  Sun but they forgot to bring sun glasses oh no at least they didn’t get blind. But they miss their kids like they did so they looked for earth. Then they found it! There were like yay Next was Team’s 2 They did like a funky song that was about everything in the twilight galaxy. It was a groovy and funny at the same time even though it's just a song. But the song was not that satisfying but funny so I liked it. Me in my head was laughing like this”hahahahahahahaha Not funny yes it is!” But I had a challenge it is called try not to laugh challenge. Then it ended. I forgot what there were learning but they did good job about the song.

Then it was our’s, TEAM 3. We were learning about Seasons,Planets, and Time. Team 3 is where year 3 and 4 work together. Because it is not that fair to have only 3 teachers to make a video,also because we do dancing together. The teachers did the seasons, The first one was Autumn I think, Then Summer, Spring, Then winter in “LET IT GO”. The one who did Autumn is Miss Eaddie I forgot so I am not gonna say the names. And I think Mr Moran should went to a door and then say “Do you wanna build a snowman lyrics” because it would been better and better. Next It was Team’s four They did like a real alien one. Were the kids are like the boss and the teachers have to do what the kids say, it was so cool. They were so sad because they made all the teachers die, like wow “RUDE”. After when they all died it ended. Next was uhhh Team 5 “woohoo” My sighting was good to see them and they did a item/play. They did a song and it was apparently inspired by Moana the movie, Weird right. But it was super funny. After that, I think they were learning about so many planets I don't remember. Then we just had a little chat and took our bums to class.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Feeding the Cat and getting our stuff from our old house!

After that day my friends came there name is Zyan,Anamaria,Zion,Faith,Justin and Inah. Then my Family and there family left to get our stuff. So we decided to feed the cat while they go. We feeded the cat. The food was milk we did not have cat food so that is way it is milk. I bet our family was just chatting chatting chatting. Then we cleaned it with water then it dry for like 1 hour so it's done they came soo late because arnwood is so far if u want to go Gi. Then we just played cause we had no internet. I had checkers and chess and dices so we play chess,checker and maths game with dices. It was so fun that we kept on laughing. Then we got bored so we just play with my big ball. Then they came back for now and they put our we had to stay in a blank room. We just played maths game cause it was soo fun.

Then we got food we ate like Asian I think food but we had to eat with plastic stuff and our table was a table, I was so embarrassed. But Zion got his phone so we had a dance battle. I got zero I am the worst dancer ever. I know why because because I was going to crazy like a moving octopus.Then we slept, We were snoring snoring then we wake up and saw our parents. They brought so many candy with them that there was a little bit more. It was so sweet.

Then all my friends left. I said "goodbye" then said the same thing. Then I wave. I was so tired that I slept on the carpet. Then my dad picked me up to the bed.

Moving to my new House!

After on friday we went to move out, but my Sister said we are gonna stay in our old house. But first we went to Sylvia park to buy food that's it then we went to buy some clothe's hangers for our new house. Then we went to our old house.But my Dad and my other Sister already went  to my new house so we had no internet. But at least we have electricity to on the lights and we have dvd's to watch , but I seen all of them so it would be boring. My sister who picked me up had a Filipino friend, So she just went on her bed and had a chat. Then my Brother came here One tree hill to Gi.
But I was exited to move because our electricity kept on breaking before because we had so many big trees in that house. So we decided to let it free so people won't pay for it. My brother was getting so bored that he slept. And I was watching and eating popcorn. Then my Mom came back from my sister's shop. It's called pinoy something. Our shop was next to Fiji shop and Elam beauty salon and that is where get hair cuts.

We already started packing so we just went. I thought I was gonna vomit because I have like a car deisese I don't know why but I have one so I hope I don't vomit and have it for ever. So we went short cut so I won't get sickness. But my mom said it was in arnwood street. I was like "THAT"S SO FAR". I also had a challenge it's try not to sleep. Moving was like a Journey. So I just grab my keyboard and pretending I am playing. Then I decided to a piano instead even though I don't how play piano. Then we went past sylvia park I was like "so arnwood is near Sylvia park oh" My mom told its the one black gates and bamboos,also a pom tree. So my sister was gonna a dog. Before she was like to my other sister "i just fell in love with it". Then we are finally here, I was like "YASSSSS".Then my other sis Boy friend open the gate.  Then we just saw a random cat sitting there and the owner said it is not there cat it's a cat was pregnant two times. So we just let it shoo so it does not g
et in. My most favourite thing for decoration is the heater inside. Here is the picture of it.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Silent Reading Summary

This a chapter but it will be only like a little bit okay. Hope you enjoy.

Fogg and his pasportout or passport did not know it but Detective FIX and had been on their tails. He was the rondent. Three cops was behind "ARREST" SAID THE COP Then Three angry priests tp press the charges against pasportout. SLIMY SWISS BALL, Man they might be slimy ugh YUCK. ENORMOSE but they ment like GIANT EHH we don't care right. Then they were free to leave. YAYA FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOMMMM. Oh my gosh the detective was muttered THEN fixed it by twisting his tail around wow. Then there was two ugly bold idea girls who was having have a fight like having a rap battle,also they both had a red dot on there four head wow what a weird mouse right. And he audience was so like surprised like this :O  WHAT IS A IDEA SEA WELL IT's like a boat like titanic and there was only idea people in there that is just weirdo's right. EHH what ever. Then there was weirdo and fat guy there. CLUB MAKE TO TRIP AROUND THE WORLD he winked.

That's it for today.BYE

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Reading summary

Hope you guys like it. This one is gonna be short because I did to much long ones. This is gonna end at the page now

Geromino stilton I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM YET in the BOOK I don't why said fogg. Man he better be nice. Oh ya the robber we have to catch him. I hope we get a lot of help. It better be not our friends." EHH what ever" Ok let's for this ugly cheese brain thief. Hope we get them also I hope Geronimo find him or his wife. Geromino was so tired.

That's it for today Bye! guys

Maori kite advice

HI guys this is our reading assignment hope you like it. It is called Maori kit advice so we had to advice to people Bye!

Monday, 3 July 2017


Today we build a game with shapes. It is called Ki-o-Rahi a Maori game. We had to lable the things that are important Bye! 

Rahi and Patupaiarehe

Today we had a reading assignment it was called Rahi and the Patupaiarehe. After we put all the sentences together . We have to describe it Bye!