Sunday, 16 July 2017

Feeding the Cat and getting our stuff from our old house!

After that day my friends came there name is Zyan,Anamaria,Zion,Faith,Justin and Inah. Then my Family and there family left to get our stuff. So we decided to feed the cat while they go. We feeded the cat. The food was milk we did not have cat food so that is way it is milk. I bet our family was just chatting chatting chatting. Then we cleaned it with water then it dry for like 1 hour so it's done they came soo late because arnwood is so far if u want to go Gi. Then we just played cause we had no internet. I had checkers and chess and dices so we play chess,checker and maths game with dices. It was so fun that we kept on laughing. Then we got bored so we just play with my big ball. Then they came back for now and they put our we had to stay in a blank room. We just played maths game cause it was soo fun.

Then we got food we ate like Asian I think food but we had to eat with plastic stuff and our table was a table, I was so embarrassed. But Zion got his phone so we had a dance battle. I got zero I am the worst dancer ever. I know why because because I was going to crazy like a moving octopus.Then we slept, We were snoring snoring then we wake up and saw our parents. They brought so many candy with them that there was a little bit more. It was so sweet.

Then all my friends left. I said "goodbye" then said the same thing. Then I wave. I was so tired that I slept on the carpet. Then my dad picked me up to the bed.

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