Friday, 30 June 2017

Tamarereti 2017

Today we learned about Maori myths so we created a a Animation in flat screens called Tamarereti.

Mr Frosty and the BMX kid

Leaping through the wonderful teal ocean the BMX kid loudly did a huge giant that splash like a crazy angry beautiful dolphin or shark bomb. The bomb was so loud like a big crunchy loud food that you eat then it has a big crunch like a ice cream cone. The BMX kid was so impressed with himself, then he ran straight through the water then said Hello again. “What are you the flash? Well I think you are but I’m better than you” said God.

Under the blue sky The boy had a good and cool funny chat with him. The BMX kid said “I’m manlier than you because you're just a grandpa and grandpa’s can’t run so I can tell that you can’t do a bomb.”  “What’s your  name? God said “None”. He told the BMX kid “How about God?.” So the boy said “PROVE IT!! `do a bomb cause my dad told me people are tricking so prove it” God got so mad that he was gonna prove it.

Suddenly he went with big dive like a naughty scared baby then he done backflips. He was so surprised but when he went in the teal water he  teleported all the way back on the top of the marvellous and beautiful view in the mountain.  But it’s more like Moana because the water throws God at the mountain. Then the ground like shaked like a dangerous mad earthquake. “Oh man you are really God!” “Hahahahahahaha”. “Let’s get some ice cream with chocolate and all the sprinkles from Mr Frosty! The boy said “Yay,  what a delicious treat!” Then the ice cream truck put songs that say “We love ice cream”.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


This is my reading assignment,also I hope you like my to ugly kites. So make sure to read what its is on the bottom. Our book is called eggshell and we are supposed to answer questions. To draw the kite we use pixlr. When your done you screen shot. BYE!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Pav Kite day

First we sat at the mat and listen to Mr Moran, Mr Moran said to design your kite first so we wait wait and wait until he is done chatting. Finally Mr Moran was done, so we started to open are chromebook and went on the site. Next we made a copy also in the designed one. I was gonna make a minion but it turned out kinda ugly. It had Nerd glasses,funny faces, A breed of a Chiwawa and black spotted dog and a moose with a beer and moustache. Last thing and it is pink fat weird looking arms. So we just made it after morning tea, also I showed mine and it was surprising because they were laughing.

So we made kites, we went in the mat first then we made it, we needed straws and paper some tape scissors. We got the paper so we fold it in half and then measure it to cut it. Next we open it and do the next step like a airplane, So we just cut it the out lines first, There we go it's a diamond. After that we put straws instead of kebab sticks, We put two straws and they were it the middle then we taped it. After we made a hole with the scissors but it ripped it, so I just did a pencil to do it and just tie it up and it's finally done. Also before that I design it so I tried to, but it just look like a ugly face.

Then we flied it, my string got so tangle and I was so tired of holding it that I let it go so it ran away like cat but luckily I caught it. So also it leaded me to the park so I I went in the black things were u balance and it went in circle, we also forgot to do a tail so it spin crazy. And then we went to eat lunch. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kite day!

Today the pav went kite to a kite day. We made kites and then we flied it.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Dictation Kitesurfer

Soaring through the sky, I feel like Superman. Crashing through waves, I feel like a Dolphin. This experiment is a feeling, you only get every zone of them. Hopping over the waves, Butterflies fill my tummy. Spinning and twirling through the air. I show Supporters all the tricks I’m able to do. I can hear cheering and screaming from all my Supporters. The hardest thing  part about Kitesurfing is packing up, Having to pull the kite in on a windy day is hard work! Kitesurfing is such an Incredible sport.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 1.01.16 PM.png

Friday, 9 June 2017

Orienteering recount

On Tuesday we went to kiwisport, the coaches are Leon and Irene. They gave us a map and we always have to face it north,also we had to get paper because we're gonna clip it. But first we had to get a partner, by the the way my partner was Kahurangi. Until we start we had to be patient and wait in line. Irene is gonna give us maps when we done courses. There are 4 courses and Leon is gonna wonder around and help students that are stuck.  When it was our turn he told us where the letters for our paper, after that we ran straight through students and get our self muddy,

Paragraph 2
Our first letter was near the corner of the year 2 and the other one was far away close to the trees and also we got soggy and muddy at the same time. Next we were running straight until we go to the parks because there is one right next to both of them. While we were running to the park we were so close and my Partner Kahurangi fell down in the mud because it was slippery like slime. Until we got to the one in the middle of the park the last one off the course was way over in the gate, I was so tired that I didn’t want to run anymore but luckily there was no mud when I was running. Until we got to it we walk back to Irene and then we just ran. When we got there we gave  her our paper but she told us that we did it wrong were supposed to do course 4 and then we Teamed up with Tonga and Kauri because we both did it wrong.

                                                                            Paragraph 3

The next one was next to the pavilion that is our class. There is a short cut and until you are next to the gate, face left and go through the ropes. Then we saw a drinking fountain on the map so went there but it was the wrong one, it was near the year 1 students. So we just ran straight through the breeze until we got there we ran past it and went to a different one. When we were there it was the wrong letter it was supposed to be C and then we just found we it somewhere. So we were like pissed of and it was kind of funny. The next one was close to the white gates I think it was right in the corner but I don’t remember,also it was our last one on that course. So we went back to Irene And gave the map for the new one. Our next one was near the trees  but it is a different one The next one was all the way over there. While I was running there was a big muddy puddle so I just went near wear the clay and walk there in the other side. And then I was like sweating so bad and I was about to throw up and the next was like next to it but like 10 steps away and then we got it. Our last one was next to the Oak tree and Birch tree. While we got it we walked and then we ran and gave our maps and paper and we didn’t even know it was done. And we told Leon and Irene how many courses we did, IT WAS 3.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Te Waka o Aoraki

Today we read a book called Te Waka o Aoraki we had to answers questions. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Silent Reading Summary

Hi again this the were read to also I'm gonna tell you something like guessing about book.

Chapter 5
The Adventure begins, passepartout had seen and heard so much in his fabumouse but they ment a Famous mouse. That nothing surprised him anymore like wow.But when fogg arrived home super early, In the night and he someone went to tell him something  about the bet, the butler was squeaks. You're going to travel around world Foggs head bumps. He said owww then the man said are you ok Fogg said yes but u have to come with me. He said Are you sure you didn't hit your head Fogg said yes.Club twenty had thousand pounds.The passport dropped into a chair. Fogg gave him self recover. A person said IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to get every thing!!! The person didn't have that much experience as a butler.He slid a few tall stacks of shiny MONEY but he was to greedy and he kept in his case, also he want to share so that how greedy he is. He has ROTTEN STINKY MOUSE TEETH! He was carrying his suitcase and the money. I'm happy to have to meet you. CHEESEY CREAM PUFF yum he said. Eyes filled with greatful tears. ON A AMAZING TRIP AROUND THE WORLD.

I wounder if the guy who got the money is gonna spend it. And the chapter is called trouble brewing so I wounder what brew? And I thought they were gonna say it's not fun at all but they didn't so I wounder how fun is the eighty's  BYE