Thursday, 13 December 2018

Laziness and I part 2

This morning, I woke up early. That was a lie. I woke up late. I was angry for some reason. Then I ate up and we just went in this car, but one thing that happened. I was like what kind of Christmas decorations were in that house. When it was night.. It was so cool! It was like a disco. It was flashing and changing different neon colours. That's what happened. It's all the same but expect for that house part.

Hope you enjoy, This is also my last post. I'm lazy and tired right now.


I know, I know. Why am I a doing this NOW. It's not even the holidays. I just want a prize so I just did a like a really good head start. I am also late because I had prize giving. Which was actually boring to me, but fun to.

That's all.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY, This is just a post about my last blog post is my last blog post of summer learning journey today.


E.g, I learned this from the brother. He told me to stop but I secretly did all of it myself by researching and discovering what the Order of operations mean.

Why I am scared of tomorrow Thursday

This Thursday we have our PRIZE GIVING, and I want an academic award to make my family proud, but that's probably NEVER. Actually, people say I'm really smart when I never gotten a academic. I'm like "what, I'm not even smart."  I know, It doesn't matter of  me being intelligent. It matters to me though, I have to be smart to be a youtuber/doctor. 

This is the end of me being scared.

E.g: I want a academic because I wanna make my family proud.

Laziness and I

I've been lazy every day in this year because I live past the motorway and it's really annoying. I try to sleep early but I'm to active. That's how my laziness started.

This morning, I woke up late and I was really angry but then the emotion of being angry got away when I went in the car. I was dead silent because my dad has data and he let me use his phone. To go to school, It's about like 10 to 20 minuets but when were going back to my home. It takes 30 MINUETS. That's why I'm really annoyed. I know it's not that long but I can't survive that much in cars. If you don't know this about me. I get CARSICK. It's because of the strong perfume. It makes me so dizzy. Instead I traveled more and it's starting to go away. I'm so lucky I'm not in Philippines. Because my mum said that it's always traffic. After we reached to the school. I didn't have lunch so I went to the bakery and got some lunch and then said bye and then I reached to SCHOOL, the day were we signed up for SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY.

E.g: This is about me mostly instead of like a drive to school. This is me being lazy and mad this morning. It's true.

My goals

My goal is to get the most posts out of my whole in summer learning journey, But that would be never. The time I would be posting is probably around 6 to 7. I would play some games by now I'm focusing hard on this. I wanna try to get smarter. That's my goal. I will probably not do anything about summer because I can't travel that much so I'm doing some home post. Or I may make some fake journeys to surprise you.. But if I go in like a car and drive around. I will post about that. Which is probably everyday.

First post: My version of "Ella"

My version of "Ella"

My version of Cinderella, Well this is a different one. It has more beauty in it. Ella was abusing her mum and dad. She kept bossing them and the mum got a heart attack and died because she got a heart disease, that's why she got a heart attack after he figured that out, Then she's dead. The husband cried so hard, but other hand Ella never cared. She was like a show off. Her dad was so busy and then she had a stepmother and stepsisters that she abused, then the dad died. Ella said “I don’t care, I least I can steal his things, I only care about ME.”They made the Mum and sisters slaves and she called the sisters “Cinder ugly” and she called the mum “Cinder mummy.” They were like slaves, treated so bad, when the prince came. She told the slaves to act like she’s so nice and Ella was acting so nice, like a princess from Tonga, She was so royalty. Then the prince chose her for the dance, then a Fairy god mother came to the slaves, but she was a show off to. She just made them more ugly FOREVER. Then the prince and Ella got married. Then Ella killed the prince and the KING AND QUEEN. She decided for everyone to be there slaves… THE END.

E.g: This is a example of the opposite for Cinderella, so this movie should be actually got just “Ella”. She was born to kill humans. She’s a psycho. This is also for me and my friend Moonia’s summer learning journey.

Hope you enjoy!

Aboriginial art

I can't take a photo of mine because it's not in the wall. But let's talk about what the PAINTING looked like. There was no paint is there.

It was like a Gray green background, It looked weird but we could only do 2 colours and a teacher spilled green dye on mine by a accident. It was like big lines of those colours, I thought it looked cool but it's not cool that much.

Terracotta Pots