Friday, 23 February 2018

Te tiriti o waitangi

Today I  made and Te tiriti o waitangi poster! Hope you like it!

Human knot!

In the morning on monday Week 4! My class and room 11 firstly had Year 5 assembly! But it was very quick. After that we went outside a lined up! But not very good, We had to go back inside and out they’re again. And then we walked past room 11 after that we went on the field and went on circle and also after the assembly they told us the instructions! Anyways after we went in circle my teams circle started to look like a oval and we tried again it look liked a oval until we got tips from the teacher. They said just take a step backwards and it worked! Then Miss Moala gave lots of points, Did I mention there is teams? Well after she gave us Points, Miss MOala told us to put our hands up and Go! We failed so many times is well this the first time we did it. We were so silly like silly strings! We did it all over again and then there was only like 4 of us!

The 4 of us tied up but it was not that hard to untie it Was easy just because we lost like another 4 on playing. But were so crazy like very crazy, more crazy like a monkey. The knot actually looked like a spider web well before when we were all playing. We were tangled like a shoelaces, It was funny C:! So we went back class And did our work! We can finally write what we did!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Problem solving 2

This is my maths enjoy.

My Daily timetable

This is my first maths, It was very hard so I just deleted the gold and silver one so hope you like it guys!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Story Narrrative

This is the time when the boy got his shoes bad.

My Narrative Story!

There was People WHo was looking for TREASURE, But it took a lot time. They’re name was Aaliyah,Simon,Bradley And lastly Kauri! They All Has Pieces Of TReasure Maps, But they did not know each other Yet, Until They Saw The news, When Aaliyah With A Treasure map piece. Aaliyah said “I am Looking for map pieces If you have one and you're looking for it come to me!” So SImon came in The right place in the right time!When They all came they glued it together. So they followed it but they saw lots of rubbish, They did not care about the earth so they just went past, But they Simon said “Should We pick it up, It will be respectful” They All said “Yeah!”. They Picked it up and Threw it at the right place. But one of them Miss, SO they All just said “Let’s Just walk to the rubbish bin”. SO They were done and It was the morning already! They went there in Midnight! But in the morning They went pass SO many rubbish and they went into a creepy sticky slimy old creek that had Ducks on the water with WARTS! They got so scared so they just went out and just picked up the rubbish. They needed to sleep so luckily Aaliyah got some sleeping bags and tents! SO They slept in Midnight and they all kinda got scared because they sleeping in the creek, They thought Pennywise was gonna go and kill us. But when they were fast asleep They got nightmares! Really Bad nightmares. In the morning they all screamed like a chicken saying GHOST! They woke up together at the same time! Until that some graffiti went on the long rusty pipes. They were containers of graffiti there! But they just cared about the treasure. But they realized that the treasure was in the mountain the place they slept SO they digged and digged with a shovel and found a new place to sleep, They worked all day until they found it. Inside they were cleaning supplies and lots of money,also a note! It says “CLEAN UP THIS MESS AND CONGRATS ON FINDING IT” Bradley said “Omg we wasted time on just cleaning supplies what a rip off!”. Simon said “Aww nuts”. Aaliyah said “ WHo cares we will have to clean up the note Also says Clean And a map will secretly fall down from the heavens!”.So They had jobs Aaliyah setted it up! Simon and Bradley Will clean the graffiti, Kauri is gonna make lots of space and make it more brighter so cutting a little bit of branches also putting back the dirt where they digged and Aaliyah picked up rubbish in the water and everywhere! AFter a few months later IT was so bright and clean! The path was made of clay and it is frozen! They all said “What perfect creek”. And then the map of heavens came, They also got a million dollars! The map was leading to more money but in a secret place that no one knows on the open! So they went on another adventure! WHen they found it. They were more money inside then they expected . So They donated some money to homeless people for some food and gave them stuff like concert tickets on gift cards! ANd in the night the stars made a big smiley face. They respected the earth!

ABout me

Hello this is my about me writing, It is on the side and I would love if you follow my blog also comment something helpful! Enjoy the writing on the side :).


R-E-S-P-E-c-T Should be for Role models, Role Models like taking care of our environment, Role Models that respect and care others.Like MAking compliments for support It is Very good to do, for people whose blind, Like you can help them get there shopping bags all the way home if there walking! SO today I am learning about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Respect is being cyber smart! Never tell your last name or any things you have like a phone number! It is so you can be safe and don’t get hacked. You have to be positive to others, Be thoughtful to people. Also SHare money to homeless people! IT will create the world a better place!

There is loads of words that is respecting people and other stuff, LIke being a gentleman even though your not lady, You can be a lady that is gentle! You should be like gentlemen to the earth! Also Be gentle to others, So no bullying,accidents and no one being unkind! Also being very green which means taking care of the the environment. Some words are here: pick up rubbish,Reuse and recycle things, And lastly Don’t waste water! 

You also should not waste electricity for your family because You might run out and Your parents Or siblings won’t be able to do things expect doing offline things and board games! Also use your manners like please after you want something (EXAMPLE: May you please get me a drink?) Just like that, And than you should say “Thank You”.

You also have to be kind like being very Generous so You can Interact with people! Also be helpful to people so they can have some support! Help others! Like if they get bullied just protect them! Being kind is a big thing to everyone! It is nice, And very respectful! Cooperate with others to make friend.

Also don’t make people feel included or feel alone. If your included, Try see some new/old nice friends! That will always say yes to people wanna be friends! And if one of the asked everyone she/he knows and they say no to the friends request, If they are feeling included ask them if you wanna be friends if you would say Yes! IT helps them feel so much better! Give them support if they wanna pick up rubbish for the whole school or the whole earth! That is all for my treaty!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Problem Solving!

Today we are learning to problem solve questions! When you see it, Look pretty hard but in reality it is not! So If you do this Good luck! I hope you enjoy this, And Thank you for seeing to blog post!Enjoy :D


Today we were supposed to see how creative we are! SO this slide show is a thing too do for fun, Well Mostly Hahahahaha. But it was really fun, Even though to took days for it to finish! I loved this assignment! Well hOpe you enjoy it and love it! BYe!