Monday, 25 September 2017

Maths Multiplication

This is my Maths Multiplication, 1-10 and I am glad I got it all right hope you guys like it c: .

Suzie and the space nuts.

Today i did my reading it is episode 2. hope you like it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

8-bit art

This is my 8-bit  art. Hoped you liked it because I worked hard on it,enjoy!

Suzie and the Space nuts!

Today I did the Suzie and the space nuts it is a cool assignment because we get to decorate everything and it was fun because if you the pictures like the rainbow flower that's my drawing. I worked so hard on it and thank you for seeing this and HAPPY HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK! See ya.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

My Own Maths Question

Today I created my Own Maths question for my teacher and test if he is really smart at Maths. Mr Moran was not here so it was Mr Goodwin and he told us to this. Hope you like it plus find four words,Also when you find them say if you agree. Enjoy bye bye!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hey guys today I am doing another POKEMON summary, Just like two or three chapters left but I will not be doing the twelve to thirteen because there is only one more week of school so this is the 2nd to last one, ENJOY.

My name is Gary and I say i'm the best trainer of all people but I think not. Back at the auditorium, Misty and Brock watched Gary's act. It was so lame. Wheres ash and Pikachu. The show started fifteen minuets ago. This is to important to ash. Ash wants to  beat Gary badly. Gary stood good.  He had so many good Pokemon dancing like wow. When the song ended it got ruff as. NOW THE FINAL ONE GET IN THERE. With the powerful one shove,Mr.Sullivan pushed Brock,Misty and their Pokemon. The people burst. But then they figure it out to be SO AMAZING. Thank goodness that is over! Then they danced and sang to other stuff. By the way ash got trap but then in a few minuets the cords fell so they escaped. And it was from team rocket. WE HAVE TO STOP TEAM ROCKET.

Bye guys hope you enjoyed.