Wednesday, 22 August 2018

In Sync

This is my task, We had to do a letter back. Sorry if the pictures are bad, I tried. Enjoy!

Monday, 20 August 2018

Cyber smart Letter

This is my Letter, Cyber smart letter for Gmail. Hope you enjoy, Bye.

Narrative writing plan.

This is my Narrative plan, I tried very hard . It is about goats.

Friday, 17 August 2018


This is my Dmic, Hope you enjoy.

Lalalala... DEATH ( My writing so FAR)


In far far away school there was 40 year 5’s, The main characters are 6 of them, The chef, The Camera student who was Nick, And Zack who is twins with “Zac”. That’s 4 people, and Maria and the sister was Anamaria and that is 6, The places are gonna be Wetland,Creek,Field and Kitchen.


Once upon a time, There was crazy chef, That killed 3 little kids that were playing and than baked them into chicken pot pies, The eyes were slimey in the pie, They were fingers chopped off and there was fresh human blood… But luckily that was just a scary story for camp, But then the chef was watching and Maria and Anamaria saw Her, She looked the same as the person in the picture, Then she ran away and Maria and Anamaria raised their hand while screaming, The teacher said “Yes” to both of them. They both scaredly said “We s-saw the scary c-chef”. The Teacher said “That’s impossible”. The Teacher checked but The Teacher did not see anything.


The teacher said “Kids let’s sleep now, Make sure to not go out until you tell us!”, The Class said “Yes Miss”. The teacher puffed out air to blow out the Campfire, And said “Goodnight”. 10 minutes laters, Zac, Zack, Anamaria and Maria heard stabbing at the kitchen. They went outside and they saw Prisoner outfits, Like the Chef on the book! Then they saw Blood coming out of the Cafeteria’s window, And heard like Enchantress laughing. They went outside without telling the teacher because They were like Frozen solid to walk to them, And the chef came out, So they thought there Chef was the killer, But they did not know yet, It was a Mystery.


The Chef saw them and flashed too them, But the kids were pretty fast and the Teacher heard them screaming, They called out “TEACHER”. A teacher came out and Ran in front of them and died. The chef was scared because The cops might run. The kids and the other teacher s found out and they all cried, Ana, Anamaria,Zac, And Zack got in trouble, They got a big punishment, They had to do the Teachers job which was Archery, It was so hard for them that they Passed out.Well the punishment is finally over, After one day… The Chef came back.. They had a Funeral for the teacher..


After that day, It was the Last day of camp, The kids saw the chef as well so they were trying to get rid of them.. But the Chef did not get a Drowse, She was working on a trap to get the kids, The Cake trap, The Ultimate invisible bear trap, And a minefields, The Chef was getting the body to make Human Chicken pot pie, The Plan tooks hours for it, It’s not even finished. She decided to make a Rare thing from Harry potter, The Invisible Cloth, So she could spy on them, SO she could smell the taste of them, and So she should see her happiness explode,The Cloth would only be in Earth for a hardly any time.. Just a few hours.

The Successful Plan..

The Chef scattered the traps around, They were not even visible to see, Only superheroes could see those Traps, The Night was Perfect, Because they were doing a Scavenger hunt and 4 teachers died, But one of the teachers was Successful, She was Nice and a Good Teacher, She was a Witch in a Little Witch Academia and turned into a Normal teacher. The Kids were definitely gonna be in danger, It Started and then the kids went far away, But when they want Far away they fell in the traps, But the Lucky kids they got trouble which was Zac,Zack,Maria,Anamaria and the Camera lover boy which was named Ty. They were really lucky because Miss. Ursula found out that there was traps and all the kids died, She gulped and said The Survivors, Went to sleep, But there Parents couldn't make it tomorrow, So they had to continue on for another day. They all gulped and just went to sleep peacefully..


The Chef was in there minds, There was so many chefs around the world, They were all killers and They killed them in a creepy way, They were in a forest and they were surrounding them , To kill them, They were so scared that they called the cops and they nearly survived, They all screamed at the same time. And Miss heard and said, What’s wrong? They said “Nightmares”, Miss said, That's okay! You guys can tell us about your nightmares tomorrow. So They peacefully slept and got Nightmares for only an hour.


“Okay, Wake up kids, It’s storytime.” Said Miss Ursala. Anamaria first to tell her dreams, “Once upon a time, We all got to find keys to beat the Chef.”Then We had only a little bit of time before all the clones surround us kill us.” But then we didn’t make it, We only found 2 keys, And we only needed 3 keys.”They were looking for us, We kept running away and then they came out of nowhere and surrounded us.” They stabbed us”. That’s my nightmare, The other kids said “SAME”. You guys had the same Dream, Wow.”Yep”.


So many kids died, The Chef said. Let’s make so many Chicken pot pies, With those humans >:-). Let’s do it now. She Grabbed the Humans body secretly and she cut all those body parts into one pie. Chicken pot pie with eyes The Chef said. Let’s make this look so nice like a Birthday cake, But first let’s put some poison thing on there, We will let this Venom spread from this Snake, Now he made it into a Cute Little Cookie cake.


The Chef threw the Cake at the kids, The Kids said “YUMM” Let’s dig into it!” The bird came in first and took a bite, He got the poison and the Venom in the bird so it died, Until the kids saw the eyes in the cake and said “MISS URSULA”. Their eyes and poison on this cake! A bird ate it, So we were lucky! Thank you too that bird. We must try to save this bird said Zac. They tried so card, They need a little light CPR just in case and they still didnt save the bird.


The Chef threw more cakes at them. But they didn't know who it was. They went around then a costume went out of nowhere, The Camera lover boy, WHich the real name was Kam, And he took a picture off it, Then Kam twin Sister appeared, They just don’t have similar names, But there twins, The Girl said “Hi!”. Then she giggled, The girl was a Great Singer, She was beautiful and she was really into fashion! Her name was Amber, Her last name was Amari, “Amber-Amari”. “Kam-Amari”. But then a poison arrow came out of nowhere. Luckily, She knew it was coming,She saw all the traps, So she could be safe, She was really strong, Even when she was really charming and cute. But then she saw Animal blood, She told her new friends and brother, And they heard a creepy laugh was before, The Killer might be a really good at witchery, Because Poison arrows, That’s like mostly for witches they said.

Amber-Amari , The Cranberry-Amari

He Chef came out of nowhere, They realized it was the Chef! The Chef threw a spell to Amber and the Chef ran. SHe was a Cranberry! They were laughing so hard, But they had to find out how to do it, They researched and saw online a hint.. “(More Enchantress, The more powerful..)”. Miss Ursula just had to blow her cover. She said I am a Enchantress. She did a spell, But needed some Mushrooms and water, They grabbed the ingredients and they all meditated. They had to relax, Miss Ursula casted the spell, And then BOOM she appeared in human! They were all so happy because it worked.

                                  Amber-Amari The Ultimate Potion maker.

Amber makes a poison trap, She was really good at making stuff, She was a Master at all of them! Kam takes a photo and sees something really weird, She told Amber and the rest off the kids too come, Kam said to Amber, “Can you please set up the traps now”.