Friday, 19 October 2018

Mr Bean Ep 193829874783952

This is Mr  Bean, He was doing a Christmas celebration. He was so mad cause he only got clothes. He started to poison them, But it looked so tasty that he ate it, and then died.

(this is only for Halloween, Not to try and be scary)

My Short story

Once a upon a time, A kid went to jail because he did drugs. He tried to escape and he found a way, he grabbed a nail file and he was so tiny that he could break the bars from the window. When he fell, He just realized that he was in the 1582 floor! A few minuets later he died from falling.

The end.

(This was just a JOKE, I'm trying to be good student at blogging.)

Today's routine?

Today on Friday,19 October 2018, I decided to tell you have I done this DAY

Reason why I'm doing this: Because I'm bored.

1. First of all I wake up late for school. I think school is the most worst thing in the entire universe even thought it helps you learn.

2. Eat unhealthy/healthy breakfast. I mostly like unhealthy food, But healthy makes you more brainy for school.

3.Tooth brushing. Tooth brushing is good, You have to take care of you're teeth. Toothbrush if you don't wanna be embarrassed.

4.Going in the Car. I live in Manurewa, So I have to go in car, Like I can't walk 20km in the motor way.

5.Going to school. School is a learning place. That's all I'm gonna say.

6. Being excited because school is over. FOR just today.

7. Going to my sister's shop. I would still be in my old house, If we didn't have the shop,because nobody would pick me up.

8. Going to the car and then  going to Pak'n'save. I only went there to get milk,my lunch and nutella.

9. Giving chocolate to my friend's grandma because she's living ;(

10. Going home


12 . Showering

13. Changing

14. Playing games.




This is my DMIC, I was supposed to do a screencastify but I had to help my friend in my reading task. Then I will just make a description about how you do it RIGHT. What we did was wrong.  will show you a Example on how to do it.

I forgot how to do it in addition so I won't do it. But our way is still right but the realw ay is a higher level.


Thursday, 18 October 2018

2014 School life Recount

In 2014 I was a year one and I could finally go to school. I never liked school because my family wasn't there. But I remember that my two best friends used to be at the school. I talked to them in kindergarten. (These are all my parts of me crying and getting scared into one writing.)

When I got brought to class by my Mum, I said nothing. I believed it was the first day and then when she was leaving, I was crying. I thought this wasn't my first day but I don’t actually know if it is my first day. I ran straight to my Mum as fast as I could. Then I basically wasted my time. I was so frightened that I cried hard out. Then I got used to my amazing year one teacher. (that’s still in our school) Her name is Miss Lal, She was a amazing Teacher, I got used to my class and didn’t cry.

She was like cheering for me to eat the stuff I didn't want to eat. It was like my breakfast, Healthy lunches, Eggs,Rice and that’s mostly it. Sadly I never liked it, I was never healthy. Then I stopped eating it. I started to act like Crackers and Sandwiches. On Friday, In my first week. If you didn't know, If you’re a year 1 and you’re also new. You get a book bag, Filled with play stuff. I didn't know what to do with it, So I just like ripped and scribbled all around each paper. But then a few more days, I knew what to do but I couldn't do anything because I broke it.

That was my experience. I was grateful of school, Because I learned to be more brave. I learned how to spell and I started to get used to everything! Of you didn’t know what I was scared off, It was just going to my classroom and my Mum was walking out.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Cave drawing Animation Planning.

This is my Animation, Our Animation is about Cave drawing!  The Humans are gonna take down the animal I have chosen. My country is South African for my Animation. That's all about my animation planning!

DISCLAIMER: This may be 2 million years ago, Because that's the time where I think mammoths were alive.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


This is my Addition task, I tried really hard because I did this in like 6 minuets because I nearly have extension, SO Sorry if my description is actually bad, SO That's all about my maths bye!