Thursday, 11 April 2019

Eel Animation Extension T1

Hi, my name is Simon.
In extension we made an eel animation. It’s also part of the Lunar Calendar. I’ll be talking about all the days, NOT ALL OF THEM THOUGH.

First is day one, there’s no moon in day one. There’s no eels.

In day 2 it’s a good day for crayfishing, but not a good day for eeling.

Day 3, It’s a good day for both eeling
.. and crayfishing!

Day 7, Eels are really hungry so they will eat there favourite kind of food..

Day 11. It’s full on empty, there worried about possible

Day 16. It’s a nice day. It’s a really good day for fishing..BUT
Not a good day for eeling sadly

Day 22 is a good day at midday till sundown. It’s a really productive day for eels.
So there's large amounts!

Day 26. A good day for eel traps and crayfish traps!

Day 30, It’s pure empty cause eels don’t like the light.

I hope you understand and enjoyed my movie!

Thanks for watching bye.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Simon's Advice 2019 Camp

WALT: make connections with our own experience as we read the text.

Task description.
Today I did a old task that Mr. Goodwin made us. And it was all about answering questions from this girl. And just giving her a bit of advice.

E.g of the question: Will I be safe when I sleep? (Yes you will)

Monday, 8 April 2019

Punctuation Challenge: Poppy the Puppy! 2019

WALT: use correct punctuation.

Task Description
 Mr Goodwin made us a punctuation challenge so we can improve in punctuation. Mr Goodwin talked about Poppy. She did something really naughty. So our teacher made a challenge about it! And our next card, we had to describe Poppy by using adjectives.

Friday, 5 April 2019

8-bit art 2019

WALT: (MY OWN) Create 8-bit art.

Task description.
A long time ago this year, I made this 8-bit art. It's Solgaleo. The legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon! This took 2 weeks to make and I didn't post it to my blog. So I hope you enjoy!

Book Review 2019

WALT: (MY OWN) Describe an story.

Task description
Mr Goodwin made all of us Book review. And we had to describe where the book take place. And describe the characters and a really Quick Summary. We get to choose  any book from our journal!

Egbert and the Princess Dialogue 2019

WALT: understand how a character is feeling based on their dialogue.
Task Description
Mr. Goodwin made my reading group a template to explain how the character feels. Which is a dialogue. We have to try and read the book and think how the person feels. So basically were just trying to make a dialogue and think on how they feel!

E.g: "GO AWAY" She may be frustrated or mad.

Gardening with Mr. Goodwin 2019

WALT: convert units of measurement.

Task Description
Mr Goodwin made us an presentation to work out measurements questions. Each slideshow we have an question and we have to try and solve it in our maths problem. We can either use divided bys, takeaways or multiplication!