Friday, 22 June 2018


Today we did a Maths task about polygons! We did this so we can learn about polygons. I learned so much from doing this, So I hope you enjoy my task :D

Animation Voice over :D

Hi my Name is Simon, Today were talk about forces and flight! My object is a flying cat. My flying cat in gonna go to space and that’s the end.  But after that I’m gonna show how it flies in a sketched area. There are four forces. IT is thrust,drag,lift and lastly weight/Gravity. Just in case you didn't know, That’s why I said that. The wind makes thrust more better but if it faces the other way the drag is better! Which is cool!

Glider Design

Today we had to do our glider design! We have to make a legoman fly in our glider! We are doing this so we can do a challenge!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Mechanics of Movement, comprehension task

I did my reading task, It is about like factors and like mostly laws or things.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

Week 5 on Friday it was MATARIKI DAY! Apparently my One of my biggest Friends were there! That means we can sometimes goof off >o<.In our group we had 1-8 students!What most was Exciting that we were doing Cooking and Crafting,They also both start with c!We were in room 3 and 5.It was special because we get to do really hard Origami,So I could not even finish it.I kept watching the seniors do Origami so I can copy. That the Seniors could not even do it! We told Miss that we can find another one online because it was way to far.But it was kinda unfair because group 2 had a good Origami Teacher.We found a video that looked easy,But it was hard in a way.If we had more time I think we could have at least 1 Done.

Then we grabbed our bags and took our lunch out and we ate like a cookie monster,Well. I was so slow at eating that I could not even drink my juice so I had to drink water outside.I decided that I was gonna see my classmates.Expect for the ones in my group. I gave up so I just walked around and ran  straight to the classroom when the bell rang.After we got in,We were finally gonna do cooking! Were gonna make Pike lets and put like Ice cream and all kinds of nice toppings.We split in groups.I was in room 5. First of we had to do tables and make them into like 4 or any number. Expect for like 10 and over. The ingredients were ‘How much eggs you want,Rising,Raising flour (I don’t know), And lastly MILK. But my group did not make stars while I was doing some ‘Word Search’, So I didn’t know why that we were pikelets. While we were waiting,I got blamed for not closing the top properly because you can’t close it.Plus it was there fault they filled it and made a big mess. But I ignored it and kept doing my ‘Word Search’. While some minutes it was finished. I went to go get some toppings. I got chocolate ice cream,Whipped cream and Chocolate chips. When I finished I went out and asked for a second but when I was waiting.MY CLASSMATE GOT SO MANY ICE CREAM, I was shook. Then we ate our pike lets and we sat down on the mat to get chocolate and eat our lunch.I ate cookies for lunch because remember I’m a cookie monster.I ate it and went outside and just walked around because I was bored.

                                            (AFTER LUNCH)

After the bell rang, I went straight to room 3 like before we were gonna Assembly but not now. First we had to sit in the Mat and they said were gonna do dancing.But I really hate dancing,people think I love dancing but dancing is really tiring.We did fortnite dancing but I definitely did not join it. But I danced like a lazy person or else we will have to dance in front of everyone in my group. But the fortnite dances were really hard so we got something new, and the boy seniors HATED IT,well so did I.It was timber! It was funny though. Then we got chocolate and went outside to line up.My friend nearly barfed because of that chocolate,W

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Maths problems

We need our Maths task.U+I did it with mys,There Nina and Bradley. SHOUT OUT TO THEM :D

Maths practice problems

Today I did my Maths Practice bubble task! It check our grade on maths.