Friday, 26 May 2017

The Taniwha

There is tall enormous teal grass all over the place because it is in like a swamp. Behind the Tall enormes grass there is a blue and grey lake near it,also there was Enormes pointy Mountains. There are people who look poor and look like hunters, they were running so slow like tortoise. The hunters were recording, when suddenly they heard a GRRRRRR! I said oh no there is a big creature”Ahhh we are in doom”. When they ran off suddenly  the yellow flowers that smell like perfume and it looks beautiful that all died. It looks like there palm tree with no coconuts to eat or they might be hiding behind the stew grass. The ground was so light brown and a little like poop and chocolate milk.

Behind all that grass there is a enormes Creature, It look super scaly like a green Alligator. It is blending in with the ground so you can’t see it, the color is poop brown. It has sharp teeth that is sharp as a knife and it has spikey stuff in the head. There was claws on it that is sharp as a pizza cutter and spikes. There was a tail it was scaly like the body it has teeny spikes on the top,also it is like long as a dangerous and deadly snake and the end of the tail it was pointy like a wooden breakable chopstick.

There was a enormous huge incredibly load RARRRRRRR! And it really smell like  Taniwha poop I said “Ewwww it stinks” And the other people said “yeah” it is disgusting”. And then I didn’t know that but now I said “Wait is it the Taniwha’s poop?!?!”. Then we started screaming like a girl and it was incredibly load,also that is what I only hear. When I was running I smell the flowers and they smell like it already got eaten by the Taniwha,also when roar his breath smell like grass and flowers. While we were running the Taniwha was chasing us and stomping super loud like a rhino.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Silent Reading Summary :)

Chapter 4
What now? asked Stuart. A rodent can actually travel around the world in just eighty days. They said it is an Impossible. Eighty day are more than enough?!?! HOW. They all said ARE U SERIOUS. Your squeaking nonsense he said!!! Are you joking, five gentle mouse is the same amount that's half of everything. Someone said DON'T YOU DO ANYTHING CHEESEBRAIN FOGG. They had a plan to leave. But what about your lugage but they meant language. Fogg stayed cool like cucumber cream-cheese.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Harakeke :)

Today we learned all about Harakeke for our reading assignment. This is our reading task, we had to a article and I did have a little off fun. BYE!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Maori village

When I walk in the moldy village I saw a  Grandparent it shaved hair and gray dye. Also he was holding a Granddaughter with gray short hair.Also wearing a blanket made out of wool.Also I saw people in there family cooking some tasty giant or little juicy fish or juicy meat for lunch/breakfast.The villages look like it was made out of moldy wheat that has been eaten by animals. There was cloths everywhere like hats,T-shirts, Pants, and skirts/a dress and they were dirty. Also I saw some nice people who is giving free food because they are feeling generous to do that.

When I went in the Maori moldy village I saw some people doing some laundry and then there waiting to dry the wetness off the clothing. Some people are just sitting in there house and watching   the people cook because they are bored and no devices were invented.Also some people were eating some stew from the people who are cooking like chef’s in Maori.And the kids were just playing with each other,also they were just playing hand games that they know in Maori language.

I smell delicious food outside. I smell smoke from the food because they might of burn it. I smell nice clean cloths when they did laundry. I smell burning fire.    

I hear the people talking. I hear kids playing clapping games. I hear the wind whistling. I hear the baby crying.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Waka writing

I see people rowing with their paddles gently in the sea. I see the dog going to sniff the sand at the sandy beach.Also I see a bunch of people looking at the person naked putting a towel in his shoulder,also holding a stick with feathers on the top. I see cobblestone in the the stony mountain with a dip of grass on the top. I see people sitting by the rusty waka and having a group chat.  I see wood and some dirty stuff from the wood and it look like it was for fire when it’s night time.I see sandy footsteps all over the  breezing cold beach sand. I see squawking birds with smooth feathered  wings and fresh snow feathers gilding over my head when I step of the blue breezing ocean.

I see the dog barking incredibly super loud,also I see people's footsteps when there walking in the sand. I see the people rowing calmly one at a time. I see people getting ready to sail to a different island. I see the people waiting calmly to sail at the fishy breezing sea water.

I smell the dog poop all over the ocean. I smell grey smoke from the wood because might of made some hot burning fire by rubbing it together. I smell stinky people because they have not shower.
I smell the dog because he went to have a bath in the ocean and he smell like the fish.

hear the dog barking incredibly loud. I hear the wind whistling in my ear. I hear people having a group chat. I hear people walking in the sand. I hear people rowing super hard.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

New Shoes

we made new shoes that can do something like a magnetite  so u don't have to tie your shoes.

The Southern cross

We read a book the title was piece of paradise. It was about  the and rain god made and they didn't want to work with each other and then they needed each other so they did work together. and some saw the 5 stars.

Silent Reading Summary

 Chapter 3 

When Phileas fogg reached the reform Club he sat at his lunch to be served.Also after eating he calmly settled into comfortable  pawchair. A crackling  fire burned in the fire place and the wooden shelves  full of book, and the fluffy red carpet that is made in the cozy place and welcoming. It was the perfect spot for fogg it was peaceful  place for him. going around him, He kept reading, seated comfortably in his chair. Gautheir  Ralph the mice worked at the bank of London!  But the bank with cheese got stolen?!?! The security wad tight one!!! They  think he was a EXPERT robber. HOW AWFUL he moans. and if a trustworthy newspaper like the morning chronicle reports something. they think it is true. Andrew argued WRONG WRONG AGAIN.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Silent Reading Summary


Chapter 2
As soon he opened a really heavy door. James and Forster found them self snout to snout with young kind eyes. He wore some funny pairs blood red shoes. Come right in, Mr. Fogg waits. Just looking at the butler over from snout to tail. Good luck! The new butler introduced himself, my name is Jeans he said. He also said I'M FRENCH loudly. Fogg ask while  narrowing his eyes. I've led an exiting life so far!!!Above the fire place, he noticed a strange as painting in a sturdy frame. It was the daily schedule Fogg had left him. He cried with a smile.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Silent Reading Summary

For silent reading this term, I am reading my "new Duffy book" called Geronimo Stilton, Around the world in eighty days. For the book the main character is Geronimo Stilton.

It all started with a bet, in 1872, one magnificent mouse claimed that he could travel all over the world only in the eighty days and Phileas Fogg was a fearless adventure but no it was not true Fogg was a calm gentlemouse who really love his habbits and routines.  He traveled when he was a kid but he had not left london in years! But now he only traveled from his to Reform club for a game of cards with his friends. Aside from his daily trip, hardley anyone knew anything about the silent and mysterious life of Phileas Fogg. He never goes to the theater,never followed some horse racing and didn't like crumble cheese. Anyone hardley see him never get un paticent.

Friday, 5 May 2017


Tamarereti was a young man who was a hero, He is a hero because there was big green monster called a Taniwha he hate's the light that's why he only come in night. To save the day you have get shiny pebbles and throw them in the sky and no more Taniwha's will eat you,also in the morning he was sure that he will get in trouble because he met the god of the sky but he didn't he said u made the sky more beautiful now you are the ruler of the sky and they think his waka is the milky way.

The end