Thursday, 28 September 2017

Suzie and the Space nuts ( The end )

This is the end of this series Have fun in the holiday guys BYE BYE!

Guardian of the Galaxy

Today I did my Animation.I finally did it it took forever like years. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Maths Multiplication

This is my Maths Multiplication, 1-10 and I am glad I got it all right hope you guys like it c: .

Suzie and the space nuts.

Today i did my reading it is episode 2. hope you like it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

8-bit art

This is my 8-bit  art. Hoped you liked it because I worked hard on it,enjoy!

Suzie and the Space nuts!

Today I did the Suzie and the space nuts it is a cool assignment because we get to decorate everything and it was fun because if you the pictures like the rainbow flower that's my drawing. I worked so hard on it and thank you for seeing this and HAPPY HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK! See ya.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

My Own Maths Question

Today I created my Own Maths question for my teacher and test if he is really smart at Maths. Mr Moran was not here so it was Mr Goodwin and he told us to this. Hope you like it plus find four words,Also when you find them say if you agree. Enjoy bye bye!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hey guys today I am doing another POKEMON summary, Just like two or three chapters left but I will not be doing the twelve to thirteen because there is only one more week of school so this is the 2nd to last one, ENJOY.

My name is Gary and I say i'm the best trainer of all people but I think not. Back at the auditorium, Misty and Brock watched Gary's act. It was so lame. Wheres ash and Pikachu. The show started fifteen minuets ago. This is to important to ash. Ash wants to  beat Gary badly. Gary stood good.  He had so many good Pokemon dancing like wow. When the song ended it got ruff as. NOW THE FINAL ONE GET IN THERE. With the powerful one shove,Mr.Sullivan pushed Brock,Misty and their Pokemon. The people burst. But then they figure it out to be SO AMAZING. Thank goodness that is over! Then they danced and sang to other stuff. By the way ash got trap but then in a few minuets the cords fell so they escaped. And it was from team rocket. WE HAVE TO STOP TEAM ROCKET.

Bye guys hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

What "If" My Planet

On Monday we coloured our own planets with colour pencils,pastels and other stuff, I decided to do an unhealthy world called Candy land, all sweets yum but really for your teeth. Candy world has gingerbread people so they can be like a magician and you can eat them something like that. I made candyland because I love sweets so it can describe more about me. And the whole planet is pink for cotton candy. But if you eat the whole world you will be toothless and I don't think anyone will like you anymore. The pools are made of chocolate like white chocolate any chocolate. And there's macrons those like sandwiches thing. There is also jelly trees but I don’t wanna draw it. And they have ice cream so it counts as rainbow ice cream because it is my favourite plus it is colorful. There is also japanese dessert called mochi and I tasted it before. It has Candy Animals like Catfish,Alpacas,Seals those rare Animals. These Animals are really cool because they are really good to eat because they are really sweet. It is like really cold so it is better. My Planet has so many animals like the country Australia. The cool part is that the candy is alive like magic “hahaha”. And if you eat the land it grows back like regenerate their health potion. Hope you like  my Planet and I also hope it is real.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Become a Martain

This is my team. We put a lot of shapes thing and it looks pretty good. There is another team that has a good one to. And we worked hard on it so hope you enjoy plus after the book we had no idea what to do but now we do! And this is the best team because arguing and fighting,also BYE!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Magic Numbers

Today me and my Math class did this Magic Number Activity. I worked hard on it and I was proud that I Got it right. Thank you for the support for Maths!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Hi guys, The series is back today on Tuesday woo! So today I'm doing this thing again witch I did on my Geronimo Stilton. It is writing then answering what gonna happen next, enjoy and ha e fun reading this.

Mr. Sullivan, The show's manager  stood between Ash and Gary. "This competition is not about battling he said. You should be a shamed of your self Ash and Gary. Ash was so mad that he stopped it because he almost won, so he really got frustrated. Why does this guy have to interfere. But he knew Mr was right. Misty recalled Psyduck, Psyduck return! The pokemon vanished like a flash of light. Gary started battling again but Ash said we'll finish it later. Then team rocket came AGAIN. They used Pikachu but they have Electric-proof things. But they got trapped. But they turned on a radio so no one can hear him. Well they gotta go to the show. And they went off.

I wounder how the show gonna be, because those trainers are weak also they are really into Pikachu. I do not know why. But it is like stalking Pikachu. Bye guys have a good day!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Solar System

Hi guys I am doing this Solar system thing, enjoy.


Hi guys. This is my reading for today, I hope you guys like it. I worked very hard on it. And it is all about Pluto. And I agree that Pluto should be a planet instead of a star/dwarfs planet. Pluto is my favourite planet and I hope it is your one too.

Cross Country!

As I stood at the starting line, waiting for Mr. Burt to yell “Go,”  I felt as if I was gonna poop in my shorts because when we run I might just poop and then I'll be embarrass. But luckily I didn’t “PHEW”, but i was like the last one but at least it is not all about being last it is all about not walking. By the way i was Jogging because I don’t wanna fail my task.. It was really hard so I stop in that wet flood in the farm.,It was sticky like slime. Then when I had rest of 10 secs I sprinted all the way and jog. I got so tired that I needed to pee, So I just hold it in and ran before I pee in my pants. Then I reach the last gate. So I ran really hard then I went past the year 4-8 park so I ran really hard, Then A classmate beat me in about a inch and I was way behind him. But when I was there I was like thinking in my head * RUN SIMON RUN!* But I drank a cup of water and sat down. I wonder who came first. Because I know it is not me… like wow.

Monday, 4 September 2017

My Rocket

Today I created a Rocket. My Rocket actually looks like a robot in a birthday party. The booster are the legs and the T-shirt is the teddy makes my rocket not scared.When you switch a lever the rocket will have electricity so it will light up and we can see inside what we are doing if it’s too dark and there is no windows.

Okay today I’m gonna talk about the boarding and takeoff and how get in the rocket that means the boarding. To get in the rocket press a  button then stairs will come out, then when I go through the door that opens automatically the stairs is not there anymore and there is some rock climbing to get in because there is a code for this to say the code you have to be embarrassed and talk to it. Also there is a take off for like 10 seconds. To make it start I have to like hack it, You have to press the right buttons to make sure  there's no stealing the rocket. Basically it is like Simon says the toy because it is like memory game or just a code. It depends on right one you choose. Also there is a button that brings me the Astronaut suit and it looks like a white snowball. When  you do it, it  will say Sit down on your chair and put your seat belts on. Be safe then it says 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, BLAST OFF! Then you could see the marvellous beautiful stars. Then we came out of Earth and see it rotating.

Remember I went to space so yeah, I decided to go Saturn and see what the ring is made out off. But it will take years to go there but my rocket is really special it can shoot jelly instead fire from the boosters. So it only took one day, plus I got a lot of jelly. I saw the bright stars and the ring is actually made out of rocks! I saw loads of planets that we went by we saw the so many plants because there is a screen to see planets.. Also I saw the sun and I saw Alpha Centauri the closest star to the sun! Super exciting to learn that the ring is made out of rocks. But it was so cold, more like freezing cold it gave me the shivers. Oh yeah in space everything floats also my water when I was trying to drink some. And my sleeping bag was floating. But then I had to go home.

Simon's Rocket

Screenshot 2017-08-28 at 09.29.07.png