Friday, 20 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Start writing here: Once on A sunny day I had butterflies in my stomach at school because I was so scared I did not wanna go to school. After we waited for some minutes We finally went to the Hall for like a new theme.When we came in Beautifully I just realised that We were the first one! Until all the people came.Mr J was wearing funny outfits,also the other ones were really colourful. Fake workout and fake abs plus I hate abs it looks disgusting anyways the associate principal and the the real Principle made a song. It was like all about school.  After a while he talked and let team 1 go. Team 1 is all about what feelings to get when music comes like this dun dun dun, That was meant to be scary but it is not scary anyway there was happy,dramatic,crazy,sleepy and other songs. All of that watching was dramatic that it was actually good. During a while TEAM 2 came! I hope they are gonna throw lollies like they did last time because I was too small to catch some chocolate coins. But they just made a tiring song. IN THE JUNGLE THE MIGHTY JUNGLE THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT, That song. It was one by one guitar,like a  thing that had beans inside then you shake it, also a kid music thing and drums like bum bum. Then 3 2 1 it got faster faster and faster. Then slow and all of them came out at the same time they came in. WOOHOO we all clapped.

Soon the best team came TEAM 3! Our teachers were so funny like WOAH. Well we are not doing our own songs at least there video is fun like they did everything so dramatic and creative. They put songs when they're speaking like what are you gonna do in the holidays? I’m gonna swing in a chandelier, sorry I forgot the lyrics plus to spell.  CONTINUE ABOUT THE VIDEO. Like well we just walked to work 20 minutes ago. It ain't about work work work work. STOP COPYING I JUST SAID THAT. Why gotta be so rude. Next than we was one of the funny ones like song in the car and dancing. Also driving, Like really. I the end it was REALLY FUNNY Mr J was in the car listening to like rock music. I was so desperate because that's like me in a car like really.

Then finally team 5! Team 5 was like movie genres about lion king like family movie and they actually got popcorn SO LUCKY. But the coach was so dirty! And they watched lion king like I GOT THE EYES OF THE TIGER. And scary ones that I thought a scary clown was gonna come because I’m really scared of clown because I hate them they are so creepy anyways. They ate real popcorn and got feelings and they are gonna make there own song too like NO they’re so lucky. It was just the same clip all over again. Anyways it was done we all clapped and Mr.Burt said we're gonna sing this song soon so keep practicing it. Then we waited for the year 1,2, and 3 to go out and we can go out beautifully but it was fail we all went all over the place.

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