Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Choose it Narrative

In a while there were 4 people. Their names were Ryder,Jake,Tess and Ash. They were in adventure! But they got trapped from a bush but luckily they got some scissors to cut it. They also cut some wood because they are gonna stay there, They made a campfire and slept to get some rest. The next day they found something that forbidden. It is like a plane from a Series, The series is “The Walking dead”. It was so mossy and it like so many vine over it. And there was a sewer like from the Movie it. The servers was spitting out water. They found something so rusty in front of it. It is a car, They thought they could use it because they found the keys and just left it there. They thought that the person to drove it tried to help it get back. They also had butterflies in their stomach. They got so scared that they just slept until 5:00. They woke up because the Grouchy grizzly bears rumbling their stomach to eat them, They tried to find it and kill it so they can eat but luckily there were ducks in the pond they killed it  they stabbed it so hard, They cooked it at the camp fire so they can eat. They just realized they had marshmallows in their bag. They were disappointed because they just killed the duck. So they just ate both but they roasted the marshmallows so they can eat a lot of food to survive luckily they saved 4 marshmallows.  

They opened the door and mostly all of them expect 1 got scared. They found some secret things. Knives,food,guns, Suitcases, a bed and lastly axes. They got so afraid that they went outside and breathed for a while. They went back in and found spider web, They all accidentally touch it and got slimy and sticky so they could not get it out of there hands. They found a metal of rugby. They grabbed it and think they could find the original person who earned it. They were so confused too. They went out too throw the bad things away they threw it long like a javelin and found some bloody wipes. They were so surprised. But they found some other boats but they were too afraid to go there. But they got the knife and gun just in case to keep them safe and the Killer might come. They kept in their bags with the marshmallows and there extra knifes in there bag.  The next day they saw creepy shadows in the plane saying creepy words like. SHADOWS DON’T SLEEP. They were so afraid when they red that. The shadow were moving too the next word and the word was DO NOT GO IN OR YOU WILL BE TRAPPED THERE FOREVER.
Then some blood drop from the hole. But when they red that too they did not go in there because they thought it was true before they got in there because it was flashing lights.

Then they went down the Slimy water and checked at the sewers and found a 4 tickets to America the best country ever! So they grabbed it but they didn’t went there because they still wanted to solve these mysteries was it a killer?  They were also confused. They were so scared because it was night so they went back to there place where they slept. They slept and had nightmares of dying and seeing ghosts. They suddenly woke up. They heard was cracking noise inside the plane but they just waited and see what was the killer, He went out and they looked at it and said “A CHEF?!?!” they thought he was the killer of all times he had blood on his hands. SO they went out and said “STOP RIGHT THERE CHEF, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL FOR KILLING” THe chef was confused They said “huh?” They said “WHY DO YOU HAVE BLOODY HANDS >:|” The Chef said “ IT’S PORK I NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE YOU KNOW, NO ONE WOULD HELP ME GET THIS PLANE OUT. They said “Ohhhhh, but geez you don't have to shout, We will get some people to help. They got some people and the plane went back to the Airport and they cleaned it and the chef was taking away the stuff he had and went back to his home. Next they’re gonna do a new adventure next year because they are going to America the best country ever and go to hawaii :)


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