Thursday, 5 July 2018

Talanoa Script Planning

Hello,This is our Talanoa Script Planning! Hope you enjoy it! We worked really hard on our Script so please enjoy! We basically did like a play. We have some bloopers in the end of our movie. It was pretty embarrassing so hope you enjoy again.

Kahurangi: Finally, the trip to the museum has come
Caleb: Yeah I can’t wait to get on the bus and get going
Simon: Yeah I am super excited to go to the museum as well.
Kahurangi: Look guys, there’s the bus! I can’t wait to get to the museum!
Simon: This is going to be so fun I have never been museum before.
Caleb/ Bus driver: Hello, take a seat on one of the chairs back
Everyone but SIMON: Sing song
(After bus ride…)
Simon: Yey! we’re here
Kahurangi: Finally!

(walks through museum)

Caleb: Whoa look at these artifacts
Kahurangi: These must be so old and fragile
Everyone But Simon: look at these artifacts
Caleb: It’s really dark in the photo lab. Look at that, there’s a 5000 year old statue
Kahurangi: 5000 years old!?! I didn’t even know things could be that old
Simon: I know right!The Pacific collection is really cool.
Caleb: I’m so glad that we get to actually touch some of the old artifacts.
Simon: Did you know that this necklace is made out of human hair.
Kahurangi: Really. The person who made this would probably have to cut there hair allot
Caleb: These egyptian pots must be so old
Simon: There 5000 years old,The same as the other artifacts.
Caleb: What??!!!
Kahurangi: Look at this necklace, it says here that it’s made of shells

Simon: Wow! They must have had to get a lot of shells to make this, it looks like this had about 50 shells

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