Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Weta houses and Te Taiao Tamaki

First, we had to put on safety goggles,safety gloves, protective shoes and
cut bamboo we a very sharp saw. Then they put sharp pieces of bamboo on the table then passed the chance to cut to someone in our class. Mr. Vogt grab a drill made four holes then hang the wire hangers inside. Some of us Immediately painted the weta houses with ink so we can finish. Eventually, they hanged the Harakeke in the Omaru Creek.

In a while me and my class finally went to Te Taiao Tamaki  we went there in Thursday in lunch time. We went there to show us to respect the Omaru Creek. We saw people who perform from different countrys.

At the the first part there was a man named Tamati. He once he was standing on the creek with sticky boots, a wader dress, protective gloves also he got a face paint. He talked about the Creek.  Next there was a two ladys that made a very creepy and scary song one lady was trying to burn  the fake  dead lady dress and then it came alive then copy what the lady did.

Then there was two ladys they both look like a science’s They got water from the Omaru Creek, then they mixed it with something and then the water is so clean but it has a lot of dirt in it.  Then there was three people they were from all the way to Tonga.  Then they singed a song about the wave and the ocean but I did not understand it because it’s Tonga.

In a mean time we stayed in the same spot because there was a man who talk about Fishes and ells. I only saw ells but not any Fishes. The ells were like pets from the pet store but there using a fish tank. Just then Mr. Vogt got the weta houses and picked three people from Pt england school. Then Mr. Vogt talked about it and the three kids in our class were just holding it.In the end there was the people from fia fia last year they all pick kids from different schools. They picked  Three kids again from our school. We kept on cheering for our school. It was louder then I thought. This one was so fun and loud and then we left.

We left when it was still play time my favourite part was the people from fia fia. I wish we can go back because it was so fun but  I wish it is not that hot.

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