Friday, 11 May 2018

Fia Fia Recount

Last Term, We had Fia Fia! It started in 7:00. When we were on the side of the stage,I had so many butterflies in my stomach and it was freezing! Also we put our clothes earlier,Our changing rooms is Room 4.I loved my costume especially the tie.And I got braver and braver by a 10 secs ,And then the Junior-Kapa Haka group finished.I went on!And our Fia-Fia teachers said to be crazy or Exotic animals or people.

And I tried to be crazy,But I think I failed. I was like being a fuzzy dog or should I say “LAZY” dog.But I still tried and one of the dances were for girls,Like the penguin one.It was really hard to move but it was my favourite.And one of the dances are for seniors. The song was “Just Clean it”. And we just had to click,It was not that fun ;-; And  we kept on dancing.And it was done and then first started again so we can dance off stage like birds. And then we went of stage and sat down.

I heard people saying my name,I heard the wind breezing through me,I heard the songs and I heard lots of things. And saw the moon when I looked up and I saw lots of Adults staring at us so I got really nervous.

Then it was spitting and I got so Anxious because I was afraid I might get a cold And I felt happy when I went out the stage,Because I had no more stage fright because we're dancing in front of Adults,Teachers,Little/Big siblings and the whole Pt england school! Like I was so Embarrassed if I did a mistake.But I did none. And then when it Almost finished we went to the hall and I had to go home.

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