Thursday, 20 September 2018

"Hip Hop Moves.."

This is my reading task, I finished it on Thursday week 9. This reading task was about Hip hop moves. We also have another task to do if we finish this! We had to define it, But luckily we didn't have to find it in the book, And we put the definitions and put the definition on what ti means in the book.

Thanks to the following people:


Bye hope you enjoy my task, I worked very hard, And tell me some future ideas to do if I do this again.

Bye, Blog ME' (ya) later!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Animation T3 W9 SIMON

This is my animation, My sport in soccer/football. Bye, AND thanks to  Bella for helping me.

Have a nice day, Bye!


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Cup Balance hop

You would need Cups, Any small ball and that’s it, What would those items create? Well It’s basically a balancing game, You would also use your hands. There is one more thing buts it’s optional, You need like circle mats.This game is most likely to play in hard concrete, But it you would like it in the Grass & the sand, You could do that but It may be harder. But if you want it even harder, Just making it longer and doing it in the water, The water will slow you down. But it might be dangerous, So I suggest that for older people.There could be any amount of players, It’s limited, But it has to be an even number, There’s 2 teams, But if there's 2 more teams it could be like a tournament, It’s basically like a inspiration of the game on YouTube, Hoop Hoop Showdown I think it was called that. For cooperating you could cheer, Like “GOOOOOOO SIMON, YOU GOT THIS”. That’s what you could do for cooperating, And for Competition, You have to do rock paper scissors while balancing the ball on the cup. You could also try and push each other, But not rough just softly so they can drop it, You also have to jump while balancing, So it might be hard for you.This is how you play it, Get your small ball, Make the cup upside down and then put the ball on top on the cup, And then get those platforms make a maze and try to get in the other side, If you bump to each other, Put the  balanced ball and the cup in the ground and do rock paper scissors, Whoever loses runs to the first person to the team, And then there playing, And the person who wins continues on, That’s mostly it. Also you can try having 2 people people play each round.The goal to win is too get to the other side fast as they can, They could go like a cheetah. You can have everyone play, Even strangers, It’s a fun game! But it may be hard for the little ones, Balancing is hard for me, So I’m not really sure. That’s how you play.

  • What did you learn? (WALT)  I learned so many sports you can invent, You can make it really creative!
  • What was the task? This task was about your own creative fun sports!
  • Did you enjoy this task? I did, But it was really hard to invent your own sports.
  • What did you find difficult? Inventing sports also, trying to use 4 objects but I only did 3. That’s all and I was supposed to use 4 objects, SHHH... Even though they will check my blog.

Kauri was my buddy, We read each others writing, We did the peer editing rubric together, What I found hard about this writing is finding a partner. Enjoy my sport!

Enjoy my blog post, This is probably one of my longest paragraphs I did, So I hope you could not quit reading it,Also try doing this sport with family,friends,cousins...ANYONE! Well if your a guest from another school, Good luck in your blog posts! I hope you do good in them, BYE!

Cup Balance hop
Invented by Simon
First game he invented
One of the best games he made
Simon's sport is popular for himself, So enjoy.

"My name is Rez.."

This is my reading task, It's a google drawing assignment. We had to figure out each word what it means, What it means in the story, We had to define the word and put the link on, And figure out where the word is in the book.

Thank's to Patience, She helped me with this. (NOT SPONSORED FROM HER)

Enjoy my reading task, I worked hard mostly  finding it, Finding the words was really hard, That was the hardest thing. 

The Easiest one to do is to link it, You just had to go in google and just write the word OR do exactly what I wrote Define:Word. Like that.

Okay now enjoy, Make sure you comment to me for some ideas in the future time, Bye.

Reading task by Simon, The book was "My name is Rez". The Kurdish culture.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Animation writing

Hi my name is Simon, This is my Animation. To make your body move you would need to sleep early,Have 11 hours of sleep,Eat healthy and also be happy everyday! You need to focus on body parts, I have about 5/4 body parts.

The game I’m playing is Soccer/Football. Soccer is a game which is mostly about legs, But if your the goalie you would use your hands too. Soccer has Pentagons and it’s a round ball. You have to kick the ball to there goal, But the other team will try to defend and kick the ball to.

My animation shows people playing sports, And there will be some bones breaking in the animation, Or maybe not because I suck at animations.

Thank you for reading this blog. Make sure to ask a comment if you have ideas for me in my animation!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

DMIC 2 W6 P2 T3

This is my dmic, I was cooperating with Willie & Aaliyah, Enjoy.