Thursday, 5 July 2018

Talanoa Script Planning

Hello,This is our Talanoa Script Planning! Hope you enjoy it! We worked really hard on our Script so please enjoy! We basically did like a play. We have some bloopers in the end of our movie. It was pretty embarrassing so hope you enjoy again.

Kahurangi: Finally, the trip to the museum has come
Caleb: Yeah I can’t wait to get on the bus and get going
Simon: Yeah I am super excited to go to the museum as well.
Kahurangi: Look guys, there’s the bus! I can’t wait to get to the museum!
Simon: This is going to be so fun I have never been museum before.
Caleb/ Bus driver: Hello, take a seat on one of the chairs back
Everyone but SIMON: Sing song
(After bus ride…)
Simon: Yey! we’re here
Kahurangi: Finally!

(walks through museum)

Caleb: Whoa look at these artifacts
Kahurangi: These must be so old and fragile
Everyone But Simon: look at these artifacts
Caleb: It’s really dark in the photo lab. Look at that, there’s a 5000 year old statue
Kahurangi: 5000 years old!?! I didn’t even know things could be that old
Simon: I know right!The Pacific collection is really cool.
Caleb: I’m so glad that we get to actually touch some of the old artifacts.
Simon: Did you know that this necklace is made out of human hair.
Kahurangi: Really. The person who made this would probably have to cut there hair allot
Caleb: These egyptian pots must be so old
Simon: There 5000 years old,The same as the other artifacts.
Caleb: What??!!!
Kahurangi: Look at this necklace, it says here that it’s made of shells

Simon: Wow! They must have had to get a lot of shells to make this, it looks like this had about 50 shells

Inquiry Planning

This is my group, They are 3 people. Levonah, Pisirina and me! Please enjoy this task because we worked really hard on it! We might be doing experiments which I am excited about! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Can Humans Fly like Birds?

 Today I did my reading task. The book was "Can humans fly like birds".

Animation Forces and Flight

Today I Finally did my Animation! Sorry if my voice is not loud. I did my voice over nearly at the last day of term 2.


I did a crosswords from weeks ago. But I worked very hard because this is the first time I made a crosswords that has 10 words. By the way these words are from my book, It is a Maori book! Hope you enjoy and try and do this!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection!

My Term 2 Reflection.
Term 2 is Awesome! I love the the theme for the whole school. The theme was forces and flight! We get to talk about Engines and Aeroplanes, forces and all kind of things about Forces and flight. In Extension we did Paideia Seminar, Inquiry Research and Talanoa Projects. It was really good! But my inquiry group, I think we can do Experiments which I can't wait for doing on our last day of Extension. But I hate that we have to end the Term in the 10 weeks. It is really sad. But I can't wait for the holidays! I don't have to go school so I can wait when this week ends and wait for 2 weeks and my Dad will be back! Which is exciting, And we might do some trips and crabbing or fishing. 


Paideia Seminar

Paideia Seminar.
  1. How did I feel?
      2. How did it go?

      3. What did we do?

      4. How was the Paideia Seminar?
 How did I feel?
Well,I felt really nervous and I was really shy to say things. Because I was like the only one not talking. I was basically just listening and looking at my work. But in the last one, I at least did One.

How did the Paideia Seminar go? Like what was the reaction?
The Paideia Seminar was actually really good! It was peaceful and it was actually fun. We all at least talked once! But one horrible thing, All of was is not here. But it's really rare to have everyone in Paideia Seminar.

What did we do?
We did talking, And we were like doing a answer and saying if you Agree or Disagree. If we do like a talk we can get a lolly. But I not gonna eat that much because I wanna take care of my teeth.

How WAS the Paideia Seminar?
It was Awesome! It was Awesome because of the lollies, Hahahaha. But it was actually really good. I was kinda shocked about how I reacted. Because I only did one!

                            THANKS FOR READING THIS!