Friday, 11 June 2021

Watch your mouth - 11/6/21

 This week, the Prefects thought on a Korero idea. The Prefects and I thought of a spectacular idea. We've noticed that there's been a lot of potty mouth and drama lately... so we thought of something to try to stop this. Our principal... Mr. Burt told us the name for the Korero should be 'Watch your mouth', since it's a nice and straight forward name.  

We all agreed... as you know the Prefects of 2021 usually do presentations. This time we changed and we decided to create a nice, funny and AMAZING movie! Hope you enjoy!

Conclusion : So there you have Point England! Make sure to use these tips so our school could have a better reputation! So this weeks Korero is "Watch your mouth". 

Thursday, 10 June 2021

The Jacket P2

Task description.
Today I finished of The Jacket P2 which is basically the same as Part 1 but Chapter 2. In my opinion it was very interesting and very strange. What is your opinion of the book.

Egypt - Information Report.

  “Did you know that Egypt holds over 100 pyramids identified? 

Egyptians believed that by burying the deceased with the organs, they can rejoin in the after life. Egyptians kept burying people with things they think were ‘important to them’. Although it backfired as wild animals kept digging up the sand, and thieves stole the loot, that's when Pyramids came.

Pyramids were created and this is so the Pharaoh's valuable loot doesn’t get stolen as you can see from the first paragraph. Pyramids were made from a material called ‘limestone’, Limestone is made mostly by something called ‘calcite carbonate . Pyramids were made by hand! They were made by hand because in the past the technology humans developed didn’t exist. 

As you know Pyramids were created for tombs, then this Pharaoh named KHufu created the largest pyramid in the world, called the ‘ Great Pyramid Of Giza ‘. The Great pyramid of Khufu is one of 104 pyramids in Egypt with superstructure.The Great Pyramid Of Giza is one of seven wonders and it’s the only one that exists till this day!

Task description.
Today we wrote another information report, but this time we were talking about Egypt and the Pyramids! I also worked with a buddy, her name is Madison. Check out her blog post to see her perspective.

The Jacket PART 1

Task description.
This week, our focus was on chapter books. This week we have to read at least 1 chapter per day of this book named The Jacket. This slideshow was only part 1, so comment your opinion of chapter one in my blog!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Fractions Star

Task description.
Today for maths we did fractions once again! Thankfully I had help from a few friends but I managed to do most of the questions.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The Sun Our Star

Task descriptions.
Today for inquiry, we were studying about how the Earth rotates and orbits. We also learnt how seasons are caused during this

Friday, 4 June 2021

Tautua 30/05/21

Today the Prefects created a presentation, our Korero is O Le Ala I le Pule O Le Tautua, which means "A Path of Leadership is through service. This korero was very last minute so I'm super grateful for Oalii for helping me complete our Korero.

Our ways to serve were 'kind, help the teachers and clean up the environment.', these were our main three points of serving. You can check out an deeper explanation in our school site, which they will post very soon!