Friday, 18 May 2018

Physical Science

Miss Moala and Miss West did a experiment about which ball hits the floor first when they drop it.They were arguing about on what is pretty and what stronger or lighter and other things.BY the way this is Physical Science. What do we already know?Physics is Question your trying to answer.Some basics of physic is force,Momentum,Energy and other concepts in lots of physical situations.The subject matter of physics includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

So they Got two chairs.Than they Stood on them.They took out the ball and then holded the ball and drop them at same time.Then see which ball drops first.Then the christmas bulb shattered into pieces. But it fell first,But Miss Moala never knew it was glass!Miss West’s ball did not go first but it did not break.So they grabbed a different ball and argued about it, So they tried again but the small ball was like a baseball or tennis ball.

They dropped but the basket came second and the smallest went first.So they tried again but one person drops it and then its tie! I wonder how. Maybe it was like a distance.Because nobody will get the same spots in such a short amount of time.Maybe the gravity is pulling it down. Gravity is a force just in case you didn't know that.

Maybe it just because it is not like right next to each other. Like seriously it might because Dropping a basketball and a tennis ball from the same height.low mass object from the same height at the same time, which will hit the This air resistance force is really just the sum of the tiny impacts with .The foam board has a larger gravitational force but it also has a very large air resistance force.Well that’s what I know.But of course think that it was the first answer.

The Mystery of Tunguska

We did our reading about a Asteroid or a comet coming to earth,SO I hope you learn about.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Fia Fia Recount

Last Term, We had Fia Fia! It started in 7:00. When we were on the side of the stage,I had so many butterflies in my stomach and it was freezing! Also we put our clothes earlier,Our changing rooms is Room 4.I loved my costume especially the tie.And I got braver and braver by a 10 secs ,And then the Junior-Kapa Haka group finished.I went on!And our Fia-Fia teachers said to be crazy or Exotic animals or people.

And I tried to be crazy,But I think I failed. I was like being a fuzzy dog or should I say “LAZY” dog.But I still tried and one of the dances were for girls,Like the penguin one.It was really hard to move but it was my favourite.And one of the dances are for seniors. The song was “Just Clean it”. And we just had to click,It was not that fun ;-; And  we kept on dancing.And it was done and then first started again so we can dance off stage like birds. And then we went of stage and sat down.

I heard people saying my name,I heard the wind breezing through me,I heard the songs and I heard lots of things. And saw the moon when I looked up and I saw lots of Adults staring at us so I got really nervous.

Then it was spitting and I got so Anxious because I was afraid I might get a cold And I felt happy when I went out the stage,Because I had no more stage fright because we're dancing in front of Adults,Teachers,Little/Big siblings and the whole Pt england school! Like I was so Embarrassed if I did a mistake.But I did none. And then when it Almost finished we went to the hall and I had to go home.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Immersion Assembly

the first day of term 2 we went to the Immersion Assembly!We saw our teachers creation.First up it was team 1.They were driving in a car and flew like they were going to space! And then they stopped on the road and then they nearly broke there car,But the driver was a very skilled one..They were trying to pull the big enormous rock.It is like a evolved tiny rock.They pulled and pulled but it did not work.So they looked in google and they found a video.They needed like a ramp but it is a lever,One of the teachers jumped on the leaver but she was too like.So they did it all together.And they are learning how to move things with different objects.Now it was team 2. Team 2 is learning things with wheels.They were distracting a busy teacher in there act.And they distracted the teacher by being silly and like using things in school that your not supposed to use. It was so cool!Even the ending.

Now it was Team 3!The teachers in team 3 went to the playground and did Amazing stuffs that I never saw anyone do yet!Like dancing and lots of playful things.They kept doing the playful things and in the swings,One of the teachers did a very cool stunt! It was so cool especially in slowmo.And the song was like lots of songs I know.But I don’t know “all” off them.And then finally it was our one! Our teachers put a cool video on there. It was really satisfying.And then after the really satisfying video with cooler stunts , Our teacher was talking and talking and figuring what to do.And then they went on the stage with firefighter clothes and showing us what we're gonna do.And were going to learn how to move things with other objects,And the teachers brang a plane with like a teddy bear on there,Well that’s what I’m guessing.And they’re gonna see if it can fly and showing what can make it fly.Like the wings and the flag makes it land smoothly.And they pushed like champion boxer. And then it did not fly. If it did fly.It would be very satisflying.Like the plane making wind to cool us. And that is it for our team!

And lastly Team 5 did tug of war.The Amazing strong people they were like the champions! And they were facing against the sissy sis team!Well that’s how I guessed it.And the first game started and they kept pulling and pulling but the sissy sis won! And then they got gloves,The champions chose the soft gloves,And the sissy sis chose the doctor gloves. And they pulled and pulled and the champions won!And then the sissy sis decided to use dish soap! To make them stronger.So another game later and then the sissy sis lost because there hands like slipped off the rope!

My favourite Item might be My team.THe video is cool.ANd they tried flying a plane!It is really cool. Just like I said “satisfying”. The stunts were awesome. Like they are dropping in the water and everyone gets splashed!And I just like how they tried to make they’re own plane fly.

Vocabulary Task

This is my reading task,We had to figure out words in our book and make a story.

Thursday, 12 April 2018




This is my Blog post about respect words.I worked really hard on it, And it was really fun.We just had to do respect word we can think off.That is all. Bye.